Monday, December 23, 2013

Blame it upon a rush of blood to the head

The song in my head tonight is "Rush of Blood to the Head" by Coldplay.  "I'm going to buy a gun and start a war If you can tell me something worth fighting for."

What do I find worth fighting for?  The Gospel.  Unborn children.  Since God is the definition of both love and life, it is worth fighting to defend his standards for the sanctity of life and for love and marriage.  Stuff like this is worth ending friendships and being called naive.

Do I find Duck Dynasty worth fighting for?  Yes and no.  I'm sure I have nothing against the show, I have just never been interested, and it bothers me how kooky LifeWay is for anyone who even mentions God in a positive way.  Aside from doctrinal differences from these ducks, I am just not a fan of someone taking Jesus and making him simply a part of southern culture.  It creates what RC Sproul calls henotheism - a belief in a deity based on geography.

At the same time, I find opposing such a perversion of what is otherwise beautiful love for a friend and making it sexual something worth fighting for.  People are free to insist on their right to have marital relations with someone of the same gender as them, but in their liberation, true love is not freely expressed.  I could not intensely love some woman and truly care for her like a sister without the world seeing it as perverted. 

Then again, A&E never expressed belief in the true God and his Christ.  I am not shocked that they suspended Phil as much as I'm shocked that they are shocked.  I'm also wondering with the Bible saying that we will suffer as Jesus did, why the Christians are so shocked that this is happening and not rejoicing that they get to suffer with Christ and then look forward to heaven.

I think mostly, this is still a fight over whether America is the promised land or not.  I think it's mostly between A&E and DD, so it's not my fight.  But I also oppose the cheapening of both intense love and the Gospel and reducing them just sexual obligation and southern culture, respectively.  However, I will gladly support what I believe if I have to lose my job or even go to jail.  I support the side of Christ as the Son of God and the only one worthy to judge sin.  And I totally support Phil for telling the unpopular truth and hope that I can do the same except for avoiding unnecessarily crude language.

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