Monday, March 31, 2014

Erica Campbell's new release

MaryMary has a singer named Erica Campbell, and she released an album last week.  I have spent most of my life not listening to MaryMary, but I listened to "Help" today and loved it.  It meets the good music criteria for me.  It meets the good theology criteria for me.  I don't know much else about her or MaryMary, but this album is worth buying.

The first song was my favorite: Question.  Who killed Jesus?  She concludes that no one killed Jesus, but he laid down his life for her.  That is excellent.  So many people think people took Jesus's life, whether Roman or Jewish.  Some think God the Father made him die for us.  But no, Jesus could have called a legion of angels to help him out.  He determined to save his people by dying for them before the world was even created.

The title song, "Help" has help from Lecrae who I like theologically.  It is very God-centered and I might have to read the lyrics at some point.

She has one song called "POG." Power of God.  Sometimes gospel singers will emphasize the power of God as far as it can help in our daily lives.  Erica did not do this.  This is really about God's Power for his power's sake, not for what we can get from it.  Still, I prefer my acronym WOG (word of God).  That's the same thing.  I just want people to focus on Jesus and not on how his name can do special things.  Erica Campbell does this.

I will end with the song that's stuck in my mind: I Need a Little Jesus.  It's very simple and it kind of makes me laugh.  And it's catchy.

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