Wednesday, September 2, 2015

3 H Club: the First commandment

The first commandment: You shall have no other gods before me.

How can this help if you are recovering?  A lot of personal problems can all be traced back to someone having a god that is not God.

Let's see, at CR, I'm in the co-dependent and anger group.  What is co-dependent?  The short answer is that I want to help everybody.  How can this be a worship problem?

Suppose a friend is having a hard time finding a job and you want to help.  I suggest something, but that person says no and still has a hard time finding a job.  As a co-dependent, I would want to expend effort and time going through the job-search process with that person while at the same time, I need to focus on my own healthy job as a CCS afterschool worker and as a wife to Tim.  How is this a worship problem?  I'm not trusting God to deal with the situation but relying on my own means, making myself the idol.

Let's go for a more national issue.  Suppose abortion is still legal and that my tax dollars are still funding Nazi-ish organizations such as planned parenthood when smaller agencies who work to keep children alive and mothers from having to go through the permanent trauma of having an abortion can barely keep their lights on.  Do I get angry or do I trust that God hates this more than I do, that Jesus was more innocent than even these victims, or do I simply act like God is not there?  Do I lose hope knowing that this is still going on, or do I rejoice that God saved at least one life if not more because someone came to my pregnancy resource center and talked to me and he protected me from putting my foot in my mouth?

What if your issue is something not caused by sin, like cancer or losing someone to cancer?  Or is it a result of sin.  My mom died 6 years ago through cancer.  Did she sin?  Did I sin, or did her parents sin?  Not exactly, but you know who did sin?  Our first parents, Adam and Eve sin, and that is why cancer now exists in the world and why people die and will keep dying until Christ returns.  And why is this?  Because Eve and Adam thought that they knew better than God and decided to eat the one fruit he said not to eat when they had every other option available.

So, yeah, all our problems are because of idolatry and making gods when there is only one God who revealed himself through Christ and still lives in believers through the Holy Spirit.

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