Saturday, March 26, 2016

Apostles' Creed: Judge the living and the dead

"He will come again to judge the living and the dead."

Many times if a Christian tries to point out sin to someone they will be accused of judging.  Is an unmarried couple having sex and/or living together?  Are two men or two women in a sexual relationship?  Is someone considering abortion?  Usually if we point out sin past or present, then we are judged as judging.

However, one day Jesus will come back and judge both the living and the dead for all we have done.  I will be judged for both my sins and my good deeds.  Praise God, however, that we do not judge you or anyone else.  We told you the problem, but we have a glorious solution!  Jesus came to save sinful men and women and then to heal them from their sins.  We can all be saved from even our favorite sins and changed so that we no longer desire them.

At the same time, just knowing that if you do not give your lives to Jesus, then when he comes again and judges the world, you will not be saved from hell.  Knowing that this judgment is coming should be enough for anyone to seek recovery.  Whether it is for something external like adultery, theft, even murder, or something internal like codependency or anger, it is wonderful to know that Jesus will save you if you confess his name and believe in him.  You can either turn to him or stay lost in your sins.  If you pass up this glorious opportunity for freedom from your sins then you will die in them.

Please do not do this.  The Lord will not turn away anybody who come to him in repentance and he will faithfully change their hearts and lives and they can live with him in blessing and happiness forever.

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