Friday, May 6, 2016

Apostles' Creed: Resurrection

I believe in the "resurrection of the body."

This means that although my mother has passed away from cancer and that, she does have a healing as her soul is with Jesus, I still believe that her healing is not complete.  Jesus will come and raise both the godly and ungodly bodies from the dead.  My mother's body will live again, will be completely healed, and will be made like Jesus's body after his resurrection.

And this applies to me and all believers.  The ungodly people and their bodies will suffer eternally in God's wrath in hell while God's forgiven Church will live and reign this earth, the very earth we stand on now, forever.

The heaven that is now is not the heaven that will be when Christ sets up his kingdom on earth.

For recovering sinners, this is wonderful news.  Just as Jesus has raised our spirits away from the death of our sins and made us so where we can follow and obey him, he will also raise our bodies after they die.

I hope that God will not wait to much longer before he says that time is up and that Jesus can return.

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