Thursday, June 9, 2016

Petition One: Hallowed be Thy Name

The Lord's Prayer is divided into six petitions.  The very first part, "Our Father, who art in heaven," is actually just the opening. Just the same, it is important to know that Christianity is really the only religion where we can call God our Father.  Judaism, Islam, and other religions know about God, but he is not personal, and he certainly has not adopted them into his family.  As Christians, we truly take for granted the privilege that God has allowed to us.

WSC Q. 101. What do we pray for in the first petition?
A. In the first petition, which is, Hallowed be thy name, we pray that God would enable us, and others, to glorify him in all that whereby he maketh himself known; and that he would dispose all things to his own glory.

When I normally pray, the first thing I think of is my own needs.  I also think of people who are sick and to remember both my and Tim's immediate family.  I'll even ask for prayer for the election, our "President" and for God to have mercy on our country.

It is not natural for myself as a human to first think that since I am approaching an infinitely holy God as a sinful human being that I don't even deserve to live, but he has graciously forgiven me and invited me to come to him in his mercy.  What he wants more than anything is to be regarded as holy and for me to live worthy of his Name.

In fact, when I post this blog and go to pray again, I still will not remember the think about caring that I treat God's as holy and pray that the world would begin to do so.  I will praise him and thank him, but I always forget to ask that he help me to honor him and not tarnish his name with what I say or do as someone who walks around using the name, "Christian."

Maybe if I did, I would hear less people using God's name in vain or saying, "Jesus" as if he was merely a curse word or a good luck charm.

Remember the third commandment and the first petition that Jesus taught us to pray when you pray!

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