Friday, December 23, 2016

Lightlings plus more

This week, I did music with the children at break week, which means school is out at CCS and parents still work, so we still watch their kids and I still do music.  Since I have five days in a row to do something, I decided to turn The Lightlings, a children's book by RC Sproul, into a script and have the kids act it out.

I love RC Sproul like any good Reformed woman, but there is one thing missing in this book that I have loved for many year: any allegory pointing to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  Sproul tells a fanciful tale about fairies, or lightlings, who turned their backs on the King of Light and made the world dark and how the King sent his Son as a baby lightling to save the world and bring light back.  But then, he just ends the story.

I think today, when I'm done with all the plays, I usually just do Hangman with the kids.  I will include lines from "Immortal, Invisible" by Laura Story which are so powerful.

"Immortal, yet you once died for me to pay my debt, to set me free.  Invisible, you will not always be 'cause you're coming to reign as our King."

The baby always existed as God the Son and will always live, yet he still became a man and gave his life for my sins so that I could receive his righteousness as a gift and be saved.

God also can't be seen by sinful humans or we will die, but God the Son was a visible human and we will see him again when he comes back to reign and to put an end to all sin and anyone who refused to love him by keeping his commands.

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