Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunday School reflection: When you are tempted

1.    Satan told Jesus that if he was the Son of God that he should turn stones in to bread.  It wasn’t wrong for Jesus to turn stones into bread, but it would have been wrong for him to doubt his status before God.  Jesus did not give in.  When we are tempted, we need to remember that nothing can change our status before God.  He will always love, and Jesus will always intercede for us
2.    Satan took Jesus on top of the temple and told him to jump down because angels will prevent him from striking his foot on a stone.  Satan quoted Psalm 91.  The best way to stop temptation is to know Scripture, but also know that the enemy knows Scripture and people who claim to be Christians will always be leading you astray if you don’t know Scripture better than you do now.  Make time for it.  You don’t have time not to.
3.    Satan offered Jesus all the mountains and the world if he would only worship him.  But Jesus already had the world and the mountains.  He’s God.  He made them all.  When Satan tempts you, remember that you already have everything you need in Jesus. 

So when you are tempted, remember to not fight in your own strength.  If you want to be violent because, you are angry, stop and pray.  If you are tempted to steal something, remember you have all you need.  God will fight your battle.  Jesus will intercede for his elect, you need to know Scripture, and you already have all you need.

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