Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mark: Rules, answers, and caring for widows

Mark 12:28-44
In this passage, one more Pharisee asks Jesus a question.  Jesus actually answers him, and the man approves of his answer, showing that even among the Pharisees, Jesus had supporters.  They weren't all unfair leaders who only wanted to follow rules without actually following God.

Then Jesus asks all the people who the Son of David is.  If Jesus is David's son, then why does David pray, "The Lord said to my Lord."  He is prophetically calling Jesus Lord, so he can't actually be his son.

Then he condemns a majority of the Pharisees for devouring widows houses while making long prayers.  And just as he mentions a widow, here comes one now, putting in a small copper coin, all she had to live on.  She will probably go and die.

Because of the Pharisees' unjust rules, this widow feels like she has to offer the only thing she has to live on and die, probably after she already gave to the temple and received nothing.  Probably because her Pharisaical children already made it Corban and would not support her even though their property won't go to the temple until their passing.

This is the main problem of the Pharisees.  They know the rules and know how to follow them, but they do not know God and so they could never benefit anybody and they certainly won't know God's Messiah when he's right in front of them.

Please, learn to know but right doctrine and our Lord.  To know him is to know the truth, and to know about him is to love him even more.  You can find him in Scriptures and he finds you in his Holy Spirit.  Just use what is readily available to you and stop searching for your own way.  And when you do, follow the true religion which is to care for orphans and widows.  The lonely and the disenfranchised.  How can I do that?

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