Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Away in a Manger

I still can't see how anybody can put this song and Martin Luther in the same sentence.  Luther would have never written about a baby who didn't cry.  Babies cry.  It's still a pretty song.

Casting Crowns sings this one. 

I wonder if Billy Gilman still sings.  Surely he's got a man's voice now.  Is he still as good?  Why is he not nearly as popular as Justin Bieber who's voice still hasn't changed at age 18.

For those of you who wanted to see the CD art for the Casting Crowns Christmas CD, we play this version of the song again.

And we have Anne Murray with the other tune.  She has such a strong alto voice, but she seems to have no emotion in her singing. 

This is Cristy Lane.  I don't know who she is but I'm enjoying her voice.

This video features you.  For those who miss the bouncing ball, you can sing along if you forgot the words.

Here is Maureen Hegarty.  I don't know who she is either, but I like her the best so far.  The pictures are pretty too despite Jesus looking overly Caucasian, blue-eyed, and blond haired, and possibly might even be a girl.

Can't go wrong with Celtic Woman!

It's the King's College Choir!  Yay!

Here's Nat King Cole and a beautiful picture of a swimming pool for those tired of the snow, or if you simply live in Georgia.  I'm personally Bah Humbug when it comes to snow, so I'm glad to live in Georgia where we don't get it much.

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  1. That's quite an assortment. I love Nat King Cole's voice but I'm having a hard time relating a swimming pool to a manger. :)