Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Facts and Ruminations.

Merry Christmas Eve eve everyone!

It's been two days since I've blogged.  I don't see myself blogging much next week either as Christmas really will have started.

I don't have to go into internship next week.  Yay!

I sure hope I'm singing tomorrow night.  If not it would be the first Christmas eve in ages where I don't sing.  Oh well, I do have a YouTube account.  I can always sing on that.

One YouTube friend who I added on Facebook added me to this Calvinistic discussion group.  It's pretty fun so far.  Much more intellectual than "Calvinism: the Group that Chooses You."  So far we've discussed, "Should a credo court a paedo?"  That's pertinent as I'm convinced I will always be single as the only guys I meet are Baptists.  Or Mormon.  Either that or I have to bite the bullet and allow for my kids to be rebaptized at some point.

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