Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cartesian Psychology

As many people have noticed, I'm trying to sit from my arm-chair and rethink all the psychological issues that I have encountered my whole life: ADD, Tourette's, Autism, Aspberger's, etc.

At first I started in July deciding that none of them really exist.  If we treated people as if they were alright, then, life would be so much better.  I personally was feeling so free knowing that there's actually nothing wrong with my obsessions or lack of attention.

Then I started the class on professionalism in the law office.  And I read a hypothetical about a man who could not sit still at a meeting.  He tapped his pen, his fingers, and could not make eye contact.  My first thought: what if he has ADHD and can't help that?  So, there are differences in people.  Not all people learn the same way, not all people listen the same way.  After reading the professionalism chapter, it's a miracle I can work for a law office. 

But I also traced all my quirks and anxieties over the summer to sources that had nothing to do with me, but they built up psychosomatically through tics and fidgets that I have to take blood pressure medicine for or I won't sleep.  I have anxieties that can be lessened with Prozac.  Hallelujah.  Even so, I still think the man with ADHD at the law meeting could prepare ahead of time for such a situation by possibly praying in the morning, taking time to just sit and be still, read something, eat breakfast, and then when he finally starts to notice that his hand just can't stay out of his nose, perhaps he can figure out some alternative.  Or even discuss it with his attorney.  How can I not tic so much in court?

But I digress, I still want to think about personality differences as if they are gifts from God and not anything that makes you less of a person.  They just make you different.  And they are all used for God's glory and constantly remind us that we cannot live independently.  We must depend on others to do what we cannot do.

Well, it's late and I shall log off and await the hate mail.  Good night.

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