Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hodge Podge 5/16/13

I got busy the past two days.  Tuesday night I successfully recommenced the cutting of my carpet in the room.  It all must go.  I laid tile on the floor again tonight with Tim.

Wednesday, my job with the lawyer sent me to Covington and to Monroe.  I came back to Conyers from Monroe only to go immediately back to Walton County for church.  I think my kids will do very good on the last day that I lead them.  They learned about different parts of the worship service all year.  In two weeks they will present what they know by introducing different parts of the service.  It's bittersweet to leave them, but also wonderful that I get to start going to church with Tim.

I did read Clement last night.  He continued his doctrine of Apostolic Succession.  He also moved on to better things which I will report on later.  Clem's ideas are very much stuck in the Old Testament and really influenced the current trend of taking church leaders as the ultimate authority.

God the Father sent Jesus to earth and spoke through him.  Now the Holy Spirit speaks through the ministers he has placed as stewards of his church.  However, the Holy Spirit still uses sinful men.  He also provided the Bible so that if the church leaders became correct, the Bible would still show the truth.  This blind trust in church leaders is understandable as the Bible was no readily available.  But it also led to church leaders proclaiming themselves as Christ's vicars, placing themselves in his seat.  Christ himself told the Pharisees that they are not to be called teacher or father because God is the only Father.  The same order applies to the church leaders of the New Testament who no longer need a priest because they have Jesus.

I'll continue on to where Clem picks up after this discourse is over.  He returns to very good theology.

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