Thursday, May 23, 2013

Works righteousness or Bald Universalism?

I think this is one of those days I will simply have to take off my gauntlets and offend people that I dearly love.  I work alongside such people in fighting abortion and other social evils, and in doing so, I become attached to them, and I must be a true friend and proclaim what they do not want to hear.

I pray often for the Pope, that the Lord takes over his life and that he someday realizes that Christ has no vicar.  Until then, he is a charlatan, no matter how sincere.  Francis, however, now declares that all people can go to heaven even outside of the Church.

Even on a Roman Catholic standard, this should be blasphemy.  The pre-Vatican II belief of non-Roman Catholics being outside of salvation was more true to what the Bible teaches than the universal acceptance of all people at the expense of the truth.

So, here's a secret: Protestants and RCs alike preach works righteousness when they look to someone other than Christ for salvation.  And both sides of the argument are wrong.  If salvation is universal, then there's no reason to call people back to the mother Church.  There's no reason to oppose abortion or gay marriage because those people are basically good people and even victims.  There's really no reason to care for the poor and destitute because your intentions are at least honorable.

So, as a follower of Christ, do I not work to show my election?  Absolutely.  I go to church because there is no salvation outside of Catholicism.  I oppose abortion and gay marriage because I oppose people thinking that they know better than God how society should be organized.  I care for the poor and destitute because apart from grace, I am the same thing.  I cannot tolerate a universal shedding of Christ's blood for everybody without distinction because there are wicked people who will not see heaven.  And if Christ died for them, then it was a waste because their lives never changed and they will be in hell despite what Christ did for them.  No, there is no double jeopardy in hell, and Christ's atonement if not for everyone.  If it was, then we can rest and not care that people still live in atheism because they are basically good.

But we cannot go on pretending we believe the same thing and just try to get along.  Protestants and Roman Catholics believe significantly different things, and unless both sides accept God's only salvation through Christ alone, then we cannot be united.

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