Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Put me in the Zoo

I am looking for a stable job again.  The one I was holding on to by a thread, I will now release.  I hope to find a stable position that will help me feed Tim and the cats and also be a Proverbs 31 woman who cares for her family.  I now sit and recall most of my jobs since graduating seminary and I list what I like about them.

Refuge Pregnancy Center
I have been volunteering here for 3 years and it is the most fulfilling thing that I do. I get to talk to women who think that love is no more than sex and show them God's love which is real and pure.  I enjoy following up on clients once a month to check to see if they are still having the baby or to see if they now follow the Christ they say they believe in.  It boggles my mind to think that there are children alive because Christ showed them his love by using me.  The highlights of this job are the follow-ups.  I enjoy calling, emailing, and writing cards.  Sometimes I do not get a pleasant person, and sometimes I never hear from someone again.  The ones I do hear from are actually honored that we would think of them.

Trinity EPC
Another job for 3 years that provided endless blessings.  I planned lessons and researched curriculum.  I taught young children the Bible, and hopefully they learned things that are not learned at other places.  Biblical instruction is so rare.  Through this job, I discovered Christian Focus material, an amazing curriculum that follows my ideas for teaching the Bible.  Through this job I learned of my desire to teach the catechisms and hope to one day use them when I raise children.  Highlights are keeping updated on Christian teachings, materials, and classics like the Westminster Confession or early church fathers.  It is still my goal to bring this detailed theology to the lay level.

Paralegal work
It is great to rearrange my mind with criminal defense.  It really changes the way you look at the world and makes me further appreciate what Christ does for me before the Father in interceding for me and mediating for me.  I like staying updated on recent cases.  I hope to later to more receptionist work such as answering phones, dealing with clients, preparing motions and letters, and I want to reduce legal research and go back to writing briefs.  I did all that with the first attorney that I volunteered for.  I even organized trial notebooks.  Legal research is part of it, but I had more of my ideal job with the lawyer in Atlanta.

It is my pleasure to reread my seminary books and write blogs about church history, theology, and try not to get into rants.  In my church history blogging, I am about to start the Martin Luther era.  There are people I love dearly who will disagree with me writings, yeah, even be offended by them.  I pray that God gives me the grace to positively state what I believe rather than denouncing what I don't believe.  I pray to give accurate portrayals of beliefs that are not my own and do less ranting.  I pray to understand other perspectives and to identify with them.  There is no issue I have with one church that I don't find in all denominations, but as Martin Luther placed the RC church on the forefront of this, it will be the main example.  I may switch to the church I was raised in since 4th grade some, or pick some modern liberal theology.  I just hope to bring peace, truth, and possibly get people to understand.  Last year I thought I liked arguing.  This year I realized I hate confrontation but end up needing to tell the truth.  This is my practice in continuing to tell the truth in love and possibly in ways that people can even listen to.

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