Monday, August 5, 2013

When in the Smokies

I do not have much for this post.  I'm married now to my beautiful Tim.  We had a wonderful trip to Sevierville, Gatlinburg, and Pigeon Forge.  We both worked today and it was a for real Monday.

But I am very happy to be going through every day with Tim.  Even just reading blogs with him next to me.  I will try to continue reading early church fathers and blogging church history.  I will probably share stories here and there.

But for today, I will recall our trip to Tennessee.  We saw the Forbidden Caves.  I liked how the people giving the tour said "thousands of years" instead of "millions of years."  And they're closed on Sunday.  It's an amazing natural experience that Answers in Genesis would approve.

We also did two Putt-Putts.  One, Adventure Golf and the other Hillbilly Golf.  The latter was amazing as it took place on a wooded hill-side.  The former had really good price rates.

The Apple Barn in Sevierville is also wonderful.  Gatlinburg is now super touristy.  Apple Barn is what it used to be.  It has preserves, candy shops, winery, and best of all, Christmas shop.  If Gatlinburg wears you down, go to Apple Barn.

My favorite store was still the Moon Pie store in Pigeon Forge.  It had Moon Pie memorabilia, used books, and puzzles.  Good random store.

The Lumberjack Feud dinner show was a blast.  We get to eat while rednecks compete with chainsaws.

And finally, go explore the Smoky Mountains.  We saw Cataract Falls and Laurel Falls.  Laurel is a decent hike and easy compared to other places I have been.

Also go to at least one pancake place.  There are 17 of them on the 3 mile stretch of Pigeon Forge.  Pancake Pantry was worth going to Gatlinburg for, but this one privately owned place called the log cabin was just as good, but cheaper.