Monday, November 18, 2013

18 things I've learned since being married

Tim Challies did a list of 18 things he does not regret with his kids and his wife.  His wife made a list for him.  Here are 18 things I learned since marrying Tim New.

1. I notice new OCD tendencies but can't really be sorry for them.

2. I realize my own total depravity much more.

3. I know God's love more first-hand.  Marriage reflects the relationship of Christ to the church, but it is such a beautiful object lesson.

4. It's great to have in-laws.  It's good having a mother and a sister again.

5. You constantly need to do things for your husband to reflect your love for him.  Not to earn it, but to show that it is there.  Tim constantly does the same for me.

6. I love cooking and can finally do it frequently.

7. Sometimes I can organize my living area.  It's good getting practice at my LifeWay job.

8. My job makes me realize my need to cherish my times with Tim.  It is much more scarce.

9. I'm going to enjoy practicing teaching theology to him.  It seems my love for theology is my emotional center.  I need to involve Tim in that.

10. I'm married to Tim.  It no longer matters what people I knew before him think, and my marriage to him also means that I'm exclusive to him.  I prioritize him over my family and over his siblings, mother, father, and friends.  A Christian's love for Christ should be just like that.

11.  Christ is the husband to the church.  Not a minister.  The shepherd is just another sheep.  An unmarried minister cannot know Christ's love tangibly and cannot understand love for other people as a result.  Christ is Adam, the church is Eve, and a minister is just another member of the church who should enjoy life as God has created it to be enjoyed.

12. I still don't care to go to church without Tim.  He's my ministry partner.  It's one of our quality time activities.

13. His love language is touch with a secondary for words of affirmation.  Mine is quality time with a secondary of touch.  All five of those languages are present in our relationship.

14. I have better ideas of what to get my in-laws for Christmas than of what to get for my biological family.

15. Revenge is sweet when I finally win a board game or card game.

16. Tim and I are very opposite in our personalities and it's both good and frustrating.  He's hot, I'm cold.  He's on time.  I'm early.

17. I like Perelandra better than Tim, but the Space Trilogy is not C.S. Lewis's best work.  I think Harry Potter has better theology sometimes.

18. I enjoy being in a non-denominational church yet still being a staunch Presbyterian.

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