Monday, November 11, 2013

Not a Kingdom without the King: part 3

A Dwelling Place for God by Ben C. Dunson
"God's presence with his people was most vividly manifested in the earthly symbols of Israel's tabernacle and temple...That fulfillment is found in Jesus Christ, the full and final manifestation of God's presence with his people."

Before, Christ, God's earthly presence with his people was only with the tabernacle in one location in Jerusalem.  After Christ, God's earthly presence dwells in believers through the Holy Spirit.  God is so generous to allow such access to him.  We don't need to go to a central location or intercessor.  We just need to pray to Jesus.

Why Did Jesus Say it was Better for Him to Go Away?
Jesus physically went away from his disciples and ascended to God's throne.  It is better for him to be gone because now his Spirit can be with all people.  If Jesus was on earth, his body would be in one place just like the tabernacle was.  Now that his body is with the Father in heaven, his Spirit can reach all people in all places at all times.

The New Jerusalem by S.M. Baugh
Before Baugh turns to the Revelation passage about the New Jerusalem, he wants to make two points.  1) Revelation is prophesy.  Its visions are symbolic but represent real things.  When Pharaoh had his dream about the skinny cows destroying the healthy cows in the story of Joseph, there were no literal cows.  However, the famine did overpower the years of abundance just like the cows symbolized.  2) The phrase "to enjoy him forever" expresses the covenant bond between our gracious Lord and his people.

Baugh cites the passage where Jerusalem is enormous and perfectly cubed.  This symbolizes the perfection of the time when Jesus Christ returns to earth and the eternity afterward.  It has a population of all kinds of people from every nation and ethnicity, and all the injustice of sin and rebellion are gone.  Jesus is openly praised on the whole planet.

Will we get bored enjoying God forever in the New Earth?
Since we can't see it now, it does seem boring.  Whatever we will do forever in eternity, however, we will enjoy; hence, it won't be boring.  Also, we'll finally be with Jesus, the same one who children clamored to see.  Children won't go to a boring person.  As Jesus is the author of all life, he is an endless source of joy and fulfillment.

Of Veils and Vales by R.C. Sproul Jr
"Our progress as pilgrims is measured not by miles but by veils."  With each new Covenant, something new was revealed about Christ, meaning a veil was taken away.  With Abraham, God revealed the need for blood to atone for the separation between God and man.  He also revealed a person that would substitute for us when the time for God's wrath came.

With Moses, he physically dwelt among Israel, revealing that people can interact with God.  In David, people had hope for a perfect king whose reign would never end.  Finally, with Jesus, the mystery was revealed.  God's secret would be to save his people in Jesus Christ.  The last veil to be removed will be at the second Coming when we no longer have to imagine God.  We will see him as he is.

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