Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Into the World: me discussing RC Sproul's article this month

The Tabletalk this month is about Hermeneutics and how they go wrong.  It is very complex and informative, but it is so detailed that I would not know where to start.

R.C. Sproul's article is not about Hermeneutical Fallacies.  It's more about Christian practices that are good but can be too much if they go too far.

There are many times in the Bible where humans experienced God's full glory and survived.  Many of them like Isaiah in his 6th chapter were scared that they would die.  Jacob, Manoah, and others were all frightened for their lives when they came to realize they were talking directly with the fullness of God's deity.

Only one person wanted to stay forever.  Everybody's favorite impulsive disciple, Simon Peter, saw Jesus transfigured to his full heavenly glory with James and John.  They were no doubt frightened, then.  But Peter still asked Jesus if they could build three shrines and stay on the mountain: one to Jesus, Elijah, and Moses each.  "All they wanted at that moment was to bask in Jesus's glory forever."

Jesus in his infinite wisdom said no to this request, and then God the Father told them to listen to Jesus.  It is good to have a time alone with the Lord and be refreshed in the faith.  However, God did not intend us to stay there  God intended his people to leave the safety of their churches, go into the world, and tell them all that Jesus is the only solution to their sins and that they will perish without him.

Paul debated Greeks in the Areopagus.  This would be like me talking to people at the mall about what I believe, especially in an area where they are opposed to my beliefs.  Paul risked his life, and Greece came to know Jesus. 

There are times when people should leave the public sphere and away from sinners, but it is never a permanent option for Christians.  We have all eternity to linger in Christ's glory.  Now we must share that glory with people who hate it.  I think this week, I will have trouble doing that.  I only have four hours at work tonight.  Then, I don't work the rest of the week.  What a great time to just sit and meditate!  But that is not the Lord's will for me.  He needs me to leave my house and interact with people.  I'm still trying to figure out how I will do that this week.  The Lord wants me to do so, so he will make it happen.

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