Wednesday, January 29, 2014

JM and T: Joshuas

In sections 111-120, Justin continues expounding on Moses and Joshua and how they relate to Jesus's two comings.  Moses prefigured the first coming when he held his hands up in battle so that the Israelites could win.  Joshua, who has the same name as Jesus, figures the second coming as he leads the Israelites to victory.  He was the first to make it through to the promised land and the one that could lead them in.

He then continues by talking about another Joshua, or Jeshua the high priest when Israel returned from exile.  Zechariah the prophet envisioned Jeshua wearing filthy clothes and Satan accusing him.  Then God the Son rebukes Satan and says, "Is this not a brand I have plucked from the fire?"  He then takes on the bad clothes and give Jeshua good clothes.  Just like Jeshua, Jesus is the perfect high priest who stands before the Father on our behalf.  And being the gracious high priest, he wears all our filthy garments in front of him.  Satan tries to attack him, in fact he does attack him, and then God raises him from the dead because Jesus is the only perfect human ever to live.  He took our filthy clothes, and he continues to stand victorious before the throne.

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