Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Shouldn't a lead singer define a band?

Amazingly, I'm not going to talk about For King and Country today.  Their new album is out, and I'll get it next time I'm at LifeWay.  Still highly anticipated.

Yesterday another band put out a new album that I've liked a long time: Flyleaf.

They are the featured band on New Release Tuesday this week.

A listen to their new single, "Set Me on Fire," I heard that the lead singer's vocals were much better and seeing the video today, she's more polished.  I was really happy for Lacey.

Then I kept listening and learning the song on guitar and realized, wait: she looks and sounds different from Lacey Mosley Sturm because she is a different person.  This is Kristen May.

It made me like the song slightly less.  I still think the song is great, but now I have to reconsider what I think of Flyleaf and whether they should change their name.

It seems like Lacey herself blossomed.  She got married, had a baby, and then decided to leave the band to focus on her family.  Now she wrote a book which will be released in October.  It's about her Christian journey.  Baker Publishing has five interview videos with her pointing to what seems to be a lovely book.

You don't have to watch them in order, but it does seem that Lacey has come to a place in her life where she is happy to be a wife and mother who loves the Lord.

What about Flyleaf though?  They all claim to be Christians, but Lacey is the one who made it obviously so.  I think Kristen May is a good direction for the band, but I'm just not sure if they are Flyleaf anymore.

I felt the same when Michael Tait became lead singer of the Newsboys.  It's not really them anymore.

What defines a band anyway?  Shouldn't the lead singer be a factor in deciding whether the band is the same or not?

What you think?

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