Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Things I learned about for King and Country

I first heard of them from the song "The Proof of your Love."  I liked the song but thought they were just okay.

Then this summer, they released their single, "Fix My Eyes."  Then the guys spoke and I noticed a British accent!

They're British!  Perfect for this Doctor Who and ELO and all British Culture fan girl.

Then I listened to them on YouTube.  I seriously think that this band is a good alternative to Keane.

Finally, they were interviewed on Joy FM.

First thing I learned: Their sister is Rebecca St. James.
2. If she is their sister, then they are not British.  They're Australian.
3. Wikipedia calls them the Australian "Coldplay."  I agree.
4. Granted, they live in Nashville.  But they did retain their accents.

Finally, this song has such good instrumentation.  It is also a good call to keep your eyes on Jesus.  Even if your friends leave, you lose your job for unfair reasons, someone dies, even if you are trying to get health insurance, none of this matters.  You have to fix your eyes on Jesus.  He will be the only reason you will keep getting up in the morning.  He is the only reason you can ever be satisfied with life and the only hope.  You get distracted and look to yourself, you will fail.  You have to fix your eyes on Jesus.

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