Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thanks time

This post will make me sound like a giddy teenage girl, but here goes.

I'm thankful for my boyfriend, who I've been dating a week.  He came from nowhere and we started talking and voila!

I'm thankful he was there at my friend's art sale today.  I don't think I could have made it without him.

I'm thankful to look back on the past 9 years and see that I have had a very active and very significant life.  I will not let any person take that away from me again.

I'm thankful when there's quiet.

I'm thankful that I can talk openly to my new friend.

I'm thankful that we're taking the affection route just right.

I'll be more thankful if he's not tired of me after tomorrow.  This weekend has been crazy.

I'm thankful that i'll probably be asleep in 15 minutes.

Still very grateful for my cats.  They've made me a better person.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nurture, not Nature

Looks like I'm following up on last week's post.  All because I read this article.

It mostly deals with schizophrenia and how people have treated it in the past 30 years.  At first, they thought that people developed schizophrenia from a "refrigerator mom".  A cold, uncaring mother who was never there.

Then, they realized that it's not the mother's fault.  It's probably a chemical imbalance.  So doctors gave out medication to calm nerves when really it just caused weight gain in people who already have issues with themselves.

Now, the pendulum has gone back.  It's still not the mother's fault, but it is someone's fault.  It seems that schizophrenia occurs more in homeless areas, in areas of abuse and missing fathers, and people simply screaming and accusing each other.  It turns out that some of them can negotiate with the voices in their head to get them to stop.

I remember when my brother got diagnosed with autism.  They also originally thought it came from a "refrigerator mom", but I still can't explain why Andrew has autism.  There might really be a chemical imbalance or a digestion problem, but all the medicines we tried through the years have not worked.  He's still a 22-year-old toddler who will never be independent.

As for me, they addressed the people who take Prozac, too.  Would I be on Prozac had I simply kept going to my counselor and not to a psychiatrist?  If I had finally figured out my anxieties at this time last year, would I need to be on any medication.  I know I cannot go off of it cold turkey.  That's the problem, these medications make you dependent and you never know what could have been.  Did our environments influence Andrew and me?  He has autism.  I have had ADD, Tourette's, and now it's all combined into ADHD with a smidge of depression.

As far as I know, both my parents were very active in our lives and in our spiritual upbringing.  But I also think, Dad entered medical school the year I entered kindergarten.  He was gone a lot with school and studying.  He would come home as much as possible and do something fun with us, but a lot of the time, he was gone.  Two years before I started kindergarten, a sister died, and I soon started watching the Ninja Turtles (still don't regret that show, but it was a dark show).  Did that somehow create a depression that made me forget my homework in 2nd grade which made teachers mad at me which made me nervous which made me start twitching and ticking?  Is that what it was all along? 

Do I still feel paranoid that people are going to leave my life or that someone is mad at me?  Maybe that's why I get so into my friends.  Praise God that I have found some that did not care and were patient with me.  Is that why I try to correct everything that's wrong?  Is that why I'm angry at the world?

All I know is that when I went to seminary and grew in Reformed faith that my obsessions and worries disappeared for a time.  They did not recur until last year.  Did I become uncertain and lost again?

And how does any of this explain Andrew?  I don't know.  God does send the rain on both the wicked and the just, and all people are inherently wicked, and that wickedness shows up in different sins that people will not acknowledge and try to call them disorders and use drugs.  People would be so much more free mentally and financially if they just admitted that they have a sin problem and if the church would listen to them and try to rehabilitate them through accountability, if people would stop trying to be independent and rely on God's grace given through Jesus.  How dare we not take in hurting and angry people when God has been so gracious to us?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Which NT books?

Along with uniting under a bishop and developing creeds, the Church came together to establish the official New Testament.  Marcion tried to develop an anti-Semitic canon, and the people needed to officially establish which books were and were not legit.

They chose books based on "marks of apostolicity" (Cairns 118).  Were they written by an apostle or a close associate?

Also, it had to edify when read out loud.  Many people disputed authorship of some of the books, but ultimately, the Holy Spirit led them to place the 27 books of the New Testament in the canon as they are today.  Jesus Christ established the Word of God for the Church.  A committee only organized it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Developing Creeds

Part two of chapter 10 on how Christians united during the persecution. 

"A creed is a statement of faith for public use; it contains articles needful for salvation and the theological well-being of the church" (Cairns 177).

The earliest creed is a baptismal creed known as the Apostles' Creed.  Nobody know when it developed but people think it started with Peter's confession in Matthew 16: "You are the Christ the Son of the Living God."  Those words are the foundation of the church.

Then, when they trained young and new believers in the Faith, they would teach them this Trinitarian creed in order to express faith before being baptized as believers and before baptizing the rest of their household into the Covenant Community. 

During the Arian controversy of 313, people developed the Nicene Creed for a more specific description of the three members of the godhead.  Throughout church history, church groups have developed Creeds to specify what a Christian believes in simple terms.

That's all I'll say for now.  Watch the video below and realize that creeds really are important.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Unifying the Church

In Chapter 10, Earle Cairns starts to chronicle the rise of the Roman bishop in order to unify the church in persecution.

As the years passed, the church started with Bishops and Elders for leadership.  Elders were over one congregation, and bishops covered a whole region.  Soon, five bishops rose in preeminence.  Jerusalem, Ephesus, I think Alexandria, somebody else, and of course Rome. 

Why Rome?  Peter and Paul were martyred there.  Persecution was concentrated in Rome.  Paul's longest letter was to Rome.  Rome had a big role in Church history. 

And since Peter died in Rome, people assumed that the Bishop of Rome sat in succession from Peter.  They believed this because Jesus in Matthew 16 gave him the keys of the kingdom and said he would build his church in "this Rock."  Many people did not have access to the Scriptures at this time to double check the text and had to rely on the Bishops for interpretation.

Clement, Ignatius, and other writers all proposed Church unity by looking toward the Bishop for leadership.  The Church needed that at the time.  They stayed together and started calling themselves "Catholic" meaning universal church.  Some how, all the other prominent bishoprics fell, and Rome still stood. 

Sadly, the Roman bishop did not teach the true Rock on which Christ built the church: not Peter, but what Peter said in confessing Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God.  Now the focus was on the human hierarchical leadership rather than unity in the Lord and what he said and did.

And since there was only one denomination, it's easy to pick on these people because of their fascination with one geographical location.  However, we Americans are no different.  We place our faith not in the Bible, but in the Constitution, which is valid, but it's not the unchanging and living Word of God.  America is somehow God's favored country, and we must respect our branches of government.  No matter who great any nation on earth becomes, no nation will be our eternal home in God's Kingdom, and no person will be the head of the Church other than Christ.  He can place regents on earth to govern while we still wait for his return, but God shares his throne with no one.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The I am not a disorder rant

This comes from at least a year of being frustrated by people being anti-social or jerks just because some label allows it such as Aspberger's, OCD, Bipolar disorder, ADD, the gay gene, etc.

Speaking of someone who has taken tests saying both that I have Aspberger's and that I don't have it based on what day I take the test, I am in your shoes and I can happily judge you, or at least take the plank out of my eye and hit you.

Why does this upset me?  Because psychologists work on an evolutionary atheistic notion that there is no sin, just chemical imbalances. 

Like last year.  I was overhearing an online lecture from Liberty where the professor quoted Charles Finney.  Not even enrolled at Liberty, I emailed the professor to call him out.  Dad heard that I did that and sent me to a psychologist to see if I have Aspberger's. 

I am also the person who will tell you that you're wrong and make you cry.  I will tear you to pieces over Obama, abortion, universalism, and any other left-wing atrocity, including evolution and labels, and I will do so in an insensitive manner.  And not stop.

I like to lick salt off of pretzels before I eat them.  I try to clean every three days b/c if I don't I will not have a routine and get out of order.  I do the same with blogsites, alternating the days on which I read them because I will waste my time if I don't.  I also have kooky routines in my devotional life that work for me, and I like them.

But I do not have ASD, OCD, ADD, or any mix of letters.  I suffer from SIN.  It may be different from yours but you have the same problem.  Apart from Christ's salvation, I cannot escape this disease.  Does this mean I'm allowed to continue arguing, judging, hating, and alienating?  No.  I may not always be able to control it, but I'm not satisfied with it either. 

And this year, I even discovered the reason for my peculiarities.  It seems I end up arguing so much that I decided to start liking it, which works because I'm going to be a paralegal.  When I make friends I love them so much that I end up trying to control them. 

Am I bipolar?  No, turns out I'm angry at the world.  I'm angry at abortion, Obama, Rob Bell, Oprah, and pretty much everything.  I'm angry because idolatry exists in the church and is not called idolatry (don't worry, it's in my church too).  I'm angry at people following trends just because LifeWay sells it.  I'm angry because nobody teaches good theology and church history anymore.  I need to wade through all this anger so I don't take it out on people or end up trying over-protect someone.  It will need patience and accountability, but it's not something that's going be labelled ADD so that I can be excused.

Also, a sister of mine died in infancy when I was three.  I then watched the Ninja Turtles (don't regret that actually) and became obsessed with gloom and depression.  Then I got mad because of friendships that fade because people change.  Then college happened.  Then seminary happened.  I did grow up some.  Then mom died.  3 years later, I still grieve and long for familial relations with anyone to my own detriment.  Is my bereavement and excuse?  Can I take the day off?  No.  I need people to talk my issues out with and to not have to spend $100 at some counselor's office.

If you have a quirk that gets on people's nerves, DSM may diagnose it, but the real problem is our sinful natures.  Praise God that those are not permanent.  Jesus took my punishment for me and imputed his righteousness on me.  And seriously, everyone has sin.  Yes, everything is wrong with that, but we are all the same, and we are to stop labeling ourselves as a license.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Carthage: agreeing and disagreeing, but not as offended as by Alexandria

In the last section on Apologists and Polemicists abut the Carthaginians, we see Tertullian again.  He seemed to emphasize modesty in dress and other ways to separate from Pagan influence.  He still wrote from Montanist influence, but it is good to have a practical code on how to withstand the world, just the same. 

Tertullian was the first to systematize the doctrine of the Trinity and even coined the word Trinity.

He believed in the transmission of the soul to a child from the parents.  This is called traducionism.  It became a popular doctrine.  It's not a deal-breaker for me, but I believe the soul comes from God, not the parents.  He also seemed to be a Baptist.  He believed that sins committed after baptism were mortal and so infant baptism was wrong.  I greatly disagree.  I believe all sins are mortal, but think, all our sins were committed after Christ died on the cross.  Does that mean his blood is not effective for all the people born since then?  No, it is effective for all time.  And baptism is effective for all time.  It may not erase original sin, but it still marks a person as a member of the visible Covenant Community, made for believers and their children.  It's not based on a cleansing from sin

It seems like Tertullian had issues with predestination.  I guess it's good that he was honest about it, when everyone else just tries to suppress misunderstanding.

Cyprian was bishop of Carthage until his martyrdom.  He seemed to develop some of the Roman Catholic doctrines.  He distinguished between bishop and elder and considered the bishop the center of unity in the Church.  He did not assert Rome's supremacy, but this led to it.  The Bible uses bishop and elder interchangeably.  It does seem like bishops covered more geography while elders were over individual congregations.  And I do agree that a good church leader can unify the Church and hope to see that.  But the only unity for the Church is Jesus and his Word.  Humans must interpret it correctly, but not just one person.  It needs to be a group of people to prevent egos from happening.

Cyprian also developed the concept of clergy as sacrificing priests as they offered Christ's blood and body during Communion.  This developed into the doctrine of transubstantiation.  At first, that doesn't offend me, but when the Jerusalem temple was destroyed, so was the sacerdotal system.  In fact, it was not necessary after Jesus's one time sacrifice on the cross.  I do agree that we really partake of Jesus's blood and body in the Lord's supper, but that he's alive and transports our spirits up to him in heaven.  This is an act of affection, not another sacrifice, but very much necessary to complete a believer's relationship with Christ.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Space Cowboys

So, I'm going to try to make it my habit to turn every Dr. Who episode into a Gospel tract.  I think that will be fun, but it might also have spoilers.

So, they were in the old west last night, and some other doctor was in jail in the town of Mercy.  Dr. Who found out that he had made cyborgs of all these people and one was dressed in a cowboy hat and trying to shoot him.

At some point, the doctor in jail said that when he dies his people believe that he will have to carry all the people he has wronged through some hell.

It's a shame he doesn't know Jesus who did just that thing for his believers.  He died on the cross taking every saved person's sin on his shoulders, and he carried us to salvation.  Only he could do that and come back to life afterward.  If only people would realize that and not feel like they have to correct every error.  They can't do that with a holy God.  Only a perfect Person must make things right between God and man.

I also noticed that that one girl did not think that Dr. Who should use violence to punish the other doctor.  I wish he had listened because you sometimes have to have surgery to heal.  If someone takes a life, someone else must take his life to preserve the sanctity of life.

I also noticed that Dr. Who changed the horse's name from Joshua to Sue and told the guy to respect the horse's lifestyle choices.  Ugh.

But they did save the day and I got some good lessons out of it to use for the Lord.  So yay!  Can't wait till next week.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Emergent Alexandria

After Irenaeus, Earle Cairns mentions the school of Alexandria.

These people loved Greek classics and tried to teach Christianity with them. 

They developed the four interpretations of Scripture along with the grammatico-historical interpretation.  To them the literal meaning corresponds with the body, "a hidden moral meaning" that corresponds to the human body, and and "underlying spiritual meaning" that the elite Christians can tap into, this hidden knowledge (Cairns 110).  This has led to unscriptural interpretations of Scripture that were not remedied until the Reformers went back to only using grammatico-historical meaning.

Clement of Alexandria was a cool guy.  He wrote "Shepherd of Tender Youth".  It's the oldest hymn where we know who wrote it.  He promoted Christianity by making it the "true Gnostic."  The true search for knowledge.

Then, Origen succeeded his place.  He had the most extensive writings that can be compared with Augustine.  However, these four interpretations of Scripture led him to heresies such as Arianism (Jesus being subordinate to God), universalism, and the denial of a physical resurrection.  A denial of every defining characteristic of Christianity.

This is why we must study the Bible within it's historical and grammatical context.  Not just read it literally, but also not to insert allegories that don't belong there.  Read each genre like it is.  This was the first real Emergent Church.  I can't judge the salvation of these people, but if anyone tells you that there is secret Bible knowledge that only certain people can access, run the other way.  God wrote nothing in secret and has revealed everything we need to know in Scripture.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Jon Foreman made this song: Your Love is Strong.

I'm thankful for God's strong love and that I can never lose it.

I'm thankful for the ache in my heart because I still care.

I'm thankful for my Facebook friends.  I hope they become real sometime.

Thankful that my arms ache from moving a credenza.

Thankful that I know the word "credenza."

So thankful that BCM occurs on a day when I can go.

If I see Adrian tomorrow, I'll be thankful.  He's a dear friend.

I'm thankful for the hope in my heart, that it's never the end.

No joke, I'm thankful for chocolate.

Monday, September 10, 2012


He is the most famous Second century polemicist.  He wrote "Against All Heresies" to refute the Gnostics. 

In book One, he lays out their theology and teachings.

In book Two, he emphasized God's unity.  The Gnostics believed in two gods, a bad material one and a good spiritual one.  They separated God the Father and God the Son as different entities.  Irenaeus shouted a big "NO".  They Old Testament and New Testament God are one and the same and Jesus came in a real body.

Book Three, he refutes Marcion, who only believed in the Bible letters to the Greeks.

Book Four is more Scripture against Marcion.

Book Five is about the Resurrection of the body.

It's amazing how people still follow the Gnostic tendencies to despise physical bodies and to seek freedom from them.

Heresies are never new, and they always recycle into new systems.  Gnosticism lives on in New Age, neo-Paganism, and the Emergent Church.  It will probably recycle into something else tomorrow.

Beware of any belief that glorifies solitude.  God never meant us to be separated from people and on our own.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Polemicists (with special appearance by Dr. Who)

While the apologists defended their faith to the Romans, the polemicists had more fun refuting heresies.  I will get more into those polemicists in later posts.

Right now I rejoice because I finally know when Dr. Who comes on.

Also, I rejoice because this episode accidentally affirmed Ken Ham's ministry from Answers in Genesis.  The show tonight, they discovered dinosaurs flying space ships.  They then discovered that the space ship was some kind of Ark.  Totally not ripping off Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

But they discovered that dinosaurs really did live alongside humans, survived on the Ark, and lived until folks in the middle ages killed them all by hunting them down.  Even so, you still can't prove that there is not some dinosaur hobbling around in some jungle somewhere over the rainbow.  But the dinosaurs on the episode even died similarly to the real ones: men went shot them down with laser guns. 

Praise the Lord!

Friday, September 7, 2012

When Life Gives You Room, Make Ruminate

I can be messy, but I've never looked like I could be on hoarders.  Joked about it, yes, but did something about it.  I'm still doing something about it.

I can argue quite a bit, but it's never for no reason.  I'll be saying this a lot for a while. 

Last year I decided I like arguing, but I finally think it's because I did it so much.  I'd really like to find a better way to do that without being obnoxious.

I decided to use Matthew Henry's Commentary to plan a teen Bible study.  Now I'm going to do that yet tie it together somehow.  I felt like it was really nonsequiter when I taught it.

I think, once again, I figured out how to change my cats' habits.  The solution is certainly not talking about it on Facebook.  Or Blogger.

I would seriously like more courage to ask people to do something such as have lunch or go blueberry picking or randomly drive to Helen.

I think the problem with the previous sentence is I tried to ask the same person over and over again.  I need to ask lots of people and alternate.  So now, who should I call this weekend?

This week, Ligonier has been showing a video series from the 90s.  Directed toward teens in the 90s.  With 90s opening music.  Amidst the cheesy, Sproul's message is still amazing.  How many of my generation or slightly older would be less messed up if this video had been more widespread?

Should I sleep in or go to my brother's ballgame?  It would get me out of the house and seeing people, but also it's at 9 AM.  I'd love to sleep.  But I am going to make an effort to watch UGA football.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Who da Greatest?

I didn't teach the lesson tonight, but here is what I would have done had I taught it.  It went pretty much the way I envisioned, but I have one twist.

So the passage was the one after the Transfiguration and after Jesus came down from his vacation and had to go right to work to heal a boy from his demon because his disciples could not do it.

Mark 9:30-41

30 They went on from there and passed through Galilee. And he did not want anyone to know, 31 for he was teaching his disciples, saying to them, “The Son of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men, and they will kill him. And when he is killed, after three days he will rise.” 32 But they did not understand the saying, and were afraid to ask him.

Is anyone experiencing déjà vu?  What happened the last time Jesus talked about his death?
8:32-33 -- Last time Peter tried to rebuke him.  Nobody wanted to be called Satan this time, so they just kept their mouths shut.  But did they get it?

33 And they came to Capernaum. And when he was in the house he asked them, “What were you discussing on the way?” 34 But they kept silent, for on the way they had argued with one another about who was the greatest. 35 And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” 36 And he took a child and put him in the midst of them, and taking him in his arms, he said to them, 37 “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.”

So, they did not get it, and Jesus in his mercy does not let them stay confused.  These guys thought they had power to exercise demons and heal people all on their own.  Jesus first told them what defines his greatness, his death and resurrection, and how they can at least try to be that great.

Matthew Henry says, "Nothing could be more contrary to the two great laws of Christ's kingdom, lessons of his school, and instructions of his example, which are humility and love, than desiring preferment in the world, and disputing about it."

So he called a child.  Now, when church people think of children, they think of these cute, innocent little people who are so precious.  In Galilee, people saw children differently.  To them, they were annoying and rude and dirty and basically in the way.

So what is Jesus trying to say with this child?  To be great, you have to serve the annoying, rude, and dirty people who are in your way.  You've got to be kind to people and care for their needs even when they reply by slapping you in the face.  You must pray for them, even when they stop talking to you.

To be great means you have to get your hands dirty and hang out with people who aren't so beautiful.  And only through God's grace can you even have power to turn the other cheek.

38 John said to him, “Teacher, we saw someone casting out demons in your name, and we tried to stop him, because he was not following us.” 39 But Jesus said, “Do not stop him, for no one who does a mighty work in my name will be able soon afterward to speak evil of me. 40 For the one who is not against us is for us. 41 For truly, I say to you, whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to Christ will by no means lose his reward.
So Jesus, who really is the greatest, first shows that he's supposed to die a humiliating death for a world of people who are his enemies.  

Second, he showed them the kind of people they need to serve.

To complete the trifecta, John finally confesses that they stopped a man from helping to exercise a demon because he wasn't one of them.  Now think, would he have the power to cast out a demon had Jesus not called him?  Unelect people can fake miracles, but they cannot cast out demons.  This was clearly a follower of Jesus, but possibly not trained like the Apostles.  Jesus takes their ego down a notch and shows them that they aren't the only servants for Jesus, not the ones in his elite club.  God likes all his chosen people the same, and if someone is not against Christ, then he is for Christ.  And we must both serve him and let him serve with us.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Western Apologists

Eastern apologists worked to compare and contrast Christianity to other religions.

Western apologists wrote to emphasize how Christianity is very different and better than any other religion.

Tertullian coined the word "Trinity".  For a while he followed Montanism, which, as established in a previous post, was heresy because its followers followed the advice of one man who thought only he knew the Bible's meaning.  Basically every heresy, but namely Montanism.  Like many theologians, he started out as a lawyer, and as a Christian, he logically would write to show that Christians were morally superior to the Romans.  The Roman persecutions actually helped the Christian movement, rather than stifled it.

Minucius Felix wrote Octavius in hopes of winning a friend to Christ. 

Many people think the plan to woo the pagans over to Christian thought resulting in synchretizing the Faith with pagan cultures.  That may be the case sometimes, and has been the case in over-contextualization.  However, this should not discourage Christians from identifying with non-believers or people in error and to find common ground.  It is wrong when we compromise values, and no amount of logic will convince someone not chosen for salvation to believe in God, but many times, people can use both the Bible and prove it logically.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Eastern Apologists

So part 2 of apologists and polemicists brings us to Cairns's list of eastern apologists.

He first mentions Aristides, who lived in Athens and contrasted Christian worship with the worship of other religions to prove its superiority.

Justin Martyr gets a wonderful write-up.  I will probably try to read is works next.  He started as a stoic from Shechem and eventually got tired of Aristotle's ideas because he charged so much for them.  He finally found God by looking through the Scriptures and opened a school in Rome. 
His First Apology to Antoninus Pius, urges him to examine accusations against Christians and realize that they are not true.
In Second Apology, he highlights injustices committed against Christians.
In Dialogue with Trypho, he attempts to explain Jesus to the Jews.

Tatian wrote Address to the Greeks, where he denounced Greek philosophy as inferior to Christianity, tried to explain that, and campaigned for fair treatment to Christians.

Athenagoras, like Justin, came to know Christ through the Scriptures.  He wrote Supplication for the Christians to refute the accusations that Christians are atheists and cannibals.

Theophilus of Antioch wrote Apology to Autolycus.  Here, he wanted to reach Autolycus for Jesus through rational arguments.  He first used trias to mean Trinity.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cairns 9: Earnestly Contending (and ranting in my case)

This chapter will definitely be expanded as it talks about so many men that it overwhelms me.  This will also be one of my more politically incorrect posts.  I honestly don't want to hear arguments as you have your own blog to do so.

Earle Cairns first mentions the apologists who wrote in the 2nd Century.  These were the guys who would refute the imperial accusations against them.  They wrote to explain to the Romans and the Jews that they were not atheists, cannibals, incestuous, or anti-social.  They simply lived under a different government from them and would only disobey Rome if that means disobeying God.

Today this would be very good b/c man people in Rome call us racists, bigots, judgmental, and sometimes those descriptions do describe those who go under Christ's name.  It's a shame that so many who claim to be Christian will disagree with people so much as to accuse peaceful people of tyranny.

However, not only do Christians today need to defend the correct faith against the anti-Christians, they must also decry the false Christians who do use God for racist agendas. 

However, there is one key issue for the true Christians.  I don't agree with Mormons, Muslims, gays, super-liberals, or libertarians, but that does not mean I hate them.  I will work to prevent terrorism, abortion, euthanasia, and eugenics, but I will only accuse those who we know are guilty.  We know the Muslims are guilty of terrorism.  We know the super-liberals are guilty of Stockholm syndrome to said terrorists and supporting abortion enough to take our tax dollars to support it.  We know that the gays are tearing down the traditional concept of family and resorting to a lifestyle that will not only resort in orgies, diseases, and inability to reproduce and carry on the culture, but they influence our young people to live by their feelings and not by what is right.  I will pray for the especially militant versions to be stopped somehow and for us to be protected, though God's will will happen.  We must never stop to defend our faith before the Caesars.

However, as much as I do not believe that Mormons are Christians and are greatly misguided, there's a difference between Joseph Smith and Mitt Romney.  Who knows, maybe Mitt will be the next Joseph Stalin.  The fact is, he is a peaceful man who has done nothing to deserve imprecatory prayers, nor has he forced his values on us.  He may not end abortion, but he can at least not be as bloodthirsty as Obama about it.  (I honestly think the pregnancy centers do more to stop abortion than government anyway).  I've been praying imprecatory prayers against Obama and his brainwashed supporters ever since he was running.  I do not feel the same way toward Mitt Romney and I do think he is the better choice than Ron Paul.  Ron Paul will do nothing about abortion on the national level, or to get Roe v. Wade repealed, and I can never support legalization of marijuana unless they find some way to do it for medical reasons and keep it away from the common people.  As for the more peaceful people who do not know the Lord properly, whether they are deceivers or deceived, they don't earn our hate but our pity and prayers for God to enlighten them.  To open up their minds to Christ who is the true God and only God and the only way to salvation.  God will bring justice someday.  We just have to make sure we oust our current tyrant.