Monday, March 24, 2014

Take Me to the King

First, I'm going to try to talk more about music again on my blog.  I know am the music person at the Atlanta LifeWay, and so few Reformed bloggers talk about music.  I love Tim Challies and David Murray and RC Sproul, but they talk about books.  I love books.  They rarely talk about music.  More people will listen to music than take the time to read a book.

In the past 20 years there has been excellent Reformed music.  Caedmon's Call was really the first one I remember.  Derek Webb broke out and did his solo stuff.  Later on, I no longer listen to Derek Webb as he seems to be okay with the gay lifestyle.

In recent years the best theology is either by Indelible Grace, Sovereign Grace, or rappers such as Lecrae or Trip Lee.  Oh, and also Shai Linne.  Trip Lee even writes for Tabletalk.

The sad news is that people in south Atlanta rarely listen to good theology.  They go for Lecrae.  I like Lecrae.  He does seem to compromise with his secular supporters but he does rap the Gospel.  I think the next person I will try to listen to is Trip Lee even though I'm not a fan of rap.

I think of all the R&B gospel I've been listening to recently, my favorite is Tamela Mann.  Of all these singers, she seems to be one who truly sings for the Lord and not simply about what he can do for her or about miracles or dreams.  She truly sings repentance and the Gospel.

I recently listened to WOW Gospel 2014.  Great songs are on it.  "Take Me to the King" is not on it.  Of all songs, that song should be on it.  I also noticed that the song came out in 2012.  So maybe Tamela Mann was on that album.  In Christian songs that are generally popular among the citizens of Atlanta, this is a singer who truly gets it.  I listened to her other songs yesterday.  They are also very God-centered, cross-centered, centered on Jesus.  All people should be singing "Take Me to the King."

I hope to find other popular music that Reformed people should like.  There needs to be a revolution in music the way there has been in books and popular preachers.

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