Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Roman prefects

The land of Israel is a tiny land, but coveted by all societies.  It sits at the border between Asia, Europe, and Africa.  Whoever controls Israel can control most of the world.  In the Apostles' time, Rome occupied that land, and this article accounts for some of the Roman governors.

Copinius: The first prefect of Judaea who took over the temple vestments, thus hijacking the religion.

Valerius Gratus: He deposed four high priests, including Caiaphas, but in God's sovereignty, not before those priests crucified Jesus.

Pontius Pilate:  Besides trying Jesus, Pilate had done many things to offend the Jews, causing tension.  He also created new offenses:

The Offense of Roman Standards
The Offense of Votive Shields: While Pilate placed shields on Jerusalem's wall in honor of the Roman emperor.
The Offense of the Temple Tax and the offense of Samaria

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