Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thankful list

1. The Bible is truly God's firsthand word to us and he didn't just leave us in the dark.  When Jesus went up to heaven, we still have a physical Word of God in the Bible.

2.  For inspiration for blogging about church history.

3.  For reading a proofreading philosophical works.

4.  Facebook.  I'd be totally unaware of what's going on without it.

5. Cleaning.  I'm so happy that I've been doing it.  I still don't know where all the stuff goes, but I'm finding a lot of it.

6.  I'm making other friends, yay!

7.  I'm still talking to my old friends, sort of.

8.  I can never lose my religious freedom.

9.  I can never lose my salvation.

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