Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm still Alive

Since I've been balancing school work, political activism, and having a boyfriend, I have not blogged as much and I am sorry.  It may continue this way, but I'm still sorry just the same.  I do intend to keep up the church history blogging.

Here are some of my revelations in the past two weeks:

The oboe sounds like a cat.  I know because I keep wanting to sing like a cat when I hear one. 

Clarinet can also sound like a cat, but a soprano one.

I think the King's Quest companion guide does a better job walking through the second game.

Reading my real estate law textbook does not have the same effect.  It's not King's Quest, just King's Quest when the adventure is over.

I hope to be appearing more often when the semester is over. 

I'll return with more random thoughts.

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