Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Political Rant of the Year

It's about time I finally ranted about Obama.  I do it on Facebook but never really get into detail.  I don't know which makes me more angry: Obama or his voters.  Especially his voters who claim to be Christians.  I just want to run out the door screaming about this bloodthirsty tyrant who wants me to pay for Sandra Fluke's abortions.  So, today I will give top 10 reasons why you cannot vote for Obama and be a sincere Christian (unless you simply won't believe the obvious truth), and tomorrow I will talk about how I have absolutely no pang of conscience as I support Mitt Romney.

10. Israel.  Why will he not visit Netanyahu who was in New York, who's country is surrounded by enemies and spend his time campaigning?  Because he wants Israel destroyed.  Why?  Because it has something to do with Africa, according to the 2016 movie, although I can't think of a single think they have ever done to Africa.  They are the ones that were slaves in Egypt.

9. Islam.  This guy will do anything for the Muslims.  He wants to destroy America, and he wants to tell the people that Islam and Christianity are the same.  These people who destroy their own people keep killing our people, and all Oblabla can do is apologize to them.  And he still sends loads of money to them while Israel gets the shaft.

8. Gay agenda.  From a non-religious perspective, every society who has openly embraced homosexuality has declined because these people do not reproduce and carry on their culture.  In America, they try to cheat today with surrogate mothers and fathers, but still, we have disjointed families and children who have no idea who they belong to and who are dying from an empty lifestyle that promotes sex with anybody as the ultimate good. 

7. This guy acts like America is his personal piggy bank!  Michelle has these fashions, and they take trips and golf games and leisure time, and we have to sit here going nowhere b/c he wants money to support his entertainment.

6. Racism.  This guy is not black!  My skin is darker than his.  Somehow, he has this victimized image of Africa and wants to destroy every place that has colonized it.  Therefore, since America has them as slaves, he must destroy the white people.  I'm sorry, but this is racism.  Opposing Obama is not racism, and is should be common sense. 

5. And seriously, why do we need to emphasize diversity?  Why can't we celebrate what all people have in common and stop trying to label everyone?  I'm not white.  My sexual orientation is a choice and I go with what God explicitly commands in Scripture.  I have no ADD, ASD, OCD, or any other MBTI letters you could throw my way.  My sin is just as wicked as yours, though it may not be the same.  And I will not let any difference keep me from loving or caring for you.

4. it seems like the more the liberals emphasize diversity, the more their followers become clones.  There are no free thinkers who can freely say that Christianity is the only true religion or that the LGBT lifestyle is an abomination.  But they can say hideous, unforgiveable things about Sarah Palin, her children, about women in general, and about any diversity that supports the GOP and conservative values.

3.  Environment.  He refuses to drill in America for gas, but still supports our enemies in the  Mideast and in Venezuela.  We have a huge pipeline in Pennsylvania that could save us so much money, but no, we must care for the polar bears, who are perfectly fine.  People like him have no faith that God will solve any major problem looming over the planet, and they hate people who are naturally blamed for every environmental mishap, and they in turn hate God who made the planet just so he could make people to subdue the earth.

2. I saw some slogan: "Vote like your woman parts depend on it."  Seriously, the liberals have reduced women to their anatomy, their instrumentality, and destroying any consequences that occur just so they can keep using them without responsibility.  Seriously, you made Sandra Fluke your DNC spokesperson?  The 30-year-old who still lives at home, is still in college, who takes no responsibility, and really is a slut.  I mean, granted, I'm almost 30 and live at home, too, but I work to change the world and I work to save lives and care for people other than myself.  And I refuse to let someone use me for my body and then to destroy my precious offspring because they are inconvenient.

1.  Finally, do not vote for this bloodthirsty, tyrannical egoist who thinks human beings are expendable and cost too much.  I want to return to the days when people measured wealth by the amount of children they had, not by things or by having fun.  I want old people to not be euthanized and to collect their stories for as long as we have firsthand knowledge of WW2.  I want people who get cancer to be able to go to the doctor faster than some girl who gets pregnant.  My brother should have received funding for his respite home so much sooner than now, but I think according to the Democrats, he's expendable too -- a burden and a waste of money.  I'm sorry, but I want people to have value again, children to have value again, and I want Oblabla out of my business not telling me what to do or what not to say.  And I will certainly consider someone a heathen who can still vote for this maniac when he loves abortion so much and cares nothing for his people.

This closes my unorganized rant.  It's more thorough than a facebook status, or running out the door of the Rockdale GOP center to yell at people for wanting to support this man who promotes libertine lifestyles and stifles people who really want to make a difference.

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