Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thanks and Ponderings: Fox News, politics, and end times

I can't believe I still have not blogged since Tuesday.  I should have more time next week. 

I suppose I am thankful that Fox News is the one island of conservative news among a sea of liberally biased media that doesn't even try to hide it anymore.  I'm still not watching the TV this month unless it's a UGA game.  I help with politics on Tuesday and fight abortion on Fridays.  Why should I watch it on TV? 

It just further confirms my belief that liberals think they are God and that conservatives mistake America for the promised land.  Evangelicals who are against Romney make me want to pull my hair out.  Here, we have in the White House, a maniac who only cares about women's parts, murdering children, and driving us all into the ground with debt.  The other choice is a successful business-man willing to work with other people.  He is currently pro-life despite his "rape and incest" clause.  His running mate his Paul Ryan who is 100% pro-life.  I think both of those are great alternatives compared to the maniac currently holding office.  We need to realize that our Promised Land is in another world and ruled by Jesus who will never give up his throne.  And he actively rules here, too.  Soon, he will make all things right.  Until then, CNN needs to shut-up, and Fox needs to stop sending me Mormons to lead me in a spiritual revolution.

Speaking of people who voice their opinions, I'm very thankful for Mitt not being polite to B. Hussein Obama, for Ann Coulter, and especially for Rush Limbaugh.  People need to realize, this is not a time when we can afford to be polite to our opponents.  We are up against blood-thirsty infanticidal libertines who want me to pay for their consequences.  Who cares if Bain Corporation is rumored to have companies that make the morning after pill?  Or ones that incinerate the bodies?  1) I'm not sure if that's not an urban legend started by a Ron Paul fan.  2)  At least I won't have to pay for the pill.  And can fight it without going to jail.  I'm certainly not going to wait for the government to solve my problems. 3) I never thought I'd find myself saying this, but relative to what is in office now, this really is an improvement.  It's not fast enough, but it's there.  Look at how long it took for folks to finally abolish slavery.  In fact, it's still not completely gone, but people do have elbow room.

I think this will be insulting, but I think certain kinds of post-millennialsm and dispensationalism are pretty much the same thing: only Jesus is on opposite sides of the millennium.  I am thoroughly convinced that the millennium already occurred and that Satan has obviously been released.  Why do you think people are so wicked these days?  It makes absolutely no sense for a sinner aware of his total depravity to think that humans can clean up the earth before Jesus returns.  If that was so, then Jesus would not have to return.  I'm personally thankful that people get more depraved because it means he's closer to returning.

I'm thankful that the Republicans don't base their whole campaign on women, sex, and irresponsibility.  It's like, Obama only sees women as pleasure machines, and if they get pregnant from such pleasure, then we need to sacrifice the baby to the god of hedonism so we can keep using her and care only for ourselves.

I'm thankful for changes in my life situation.  I'm a hard-headed woman who has a peaceful boyfriend who is a rare jewel in this world.  I do still pray for healing from recent hurts that will not stop, but are assuaged.  I have a friendship that won't be what it was, but I think I'm at least at peace.  I'd love for my past emotions to stop flaring up, but I think this is all I can ask for for now.  I should be thankful for that.

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