Monday, November 12, 2012

Monastic Benefits

It's time to do my thanks that I do every two weeks.  Since I read about the monks today, I will list 10 ways that the world can thank God for monks.

1.They gave us modern agriculture and determined the best ways to raise plants and animals.

2. They copied Bible manuscripts night and day so that they would be preserved for posterity.

3. They also copied patristic writings and studied classic literature.  They were the most intelligent people.

4. They provided education for the community.

5. They still provide a refuge for people who just need a place to go.

6. There would be no hospitals without monasteries.

7. They helped spread the Gospel to unreached parts of the world.  Columba ministered to Scotland, Aidan ministered to England, and Patrick brought Jesus to Ireland.

8. Nuns still provide the best charity and care for people who have disabilities, working to help them function as members of society.

9. Their worship is amazing.  When it is to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, it is the best anywhere with its liturgical readings and psalm singing.

10. Their hardcore pro-life views going so far as to risk government persecution for not providing birth control or abortifaciants.  They risk people calling them insensitive and judgmental and are the main force behind crisis pregnancy centers today.

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