Monday, June 17, 2013

1200: the Rise of Universities

Anselm, Aquinas, William of Ockham, and many other people with A names revolutionized the Medieval world.  From the teaching a research sprang the university.

Martianus Capella adapted the Roman quadrivium and the trivium to the use of religion.  The trivium included grammar, rhetoric, and logic.  The quadrivium involved geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, and music.  People learned speaking to fulfill the pastoral duties with the trivium.  They established dates of sacred festivals with the quadrivium.

Also at this time, popular teachers arose, and people came from everywhere to see them teach.  Notre Dame cathedral had started the University of Paris which included Abelard.  English students who felt like Paris mistreated them moved and started Oxford University.  Cambridge came from that one. 

Originally, the university was a guild for students and teachers to study without interference.  Academics were arranged according to monastic study.  The trivium would lead to a bachelor's degree, and the quadrivium would lead to a master's degree.  The latter became teachers.  All people studied art, and advanced people studied theology, law, and medicine.  This is an exciting time for learning, and perhaps schools today should simplify because Medieval thinkers accomplished more than people today.

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