Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Intro to Polycarp's Martyrdom

Many people think that Eusebius wrote both this account of Polycarp's martyrdom and the one for Ignatius.  Philip Schaff writes, "I am humbled and abashed in comparing what a Christian used to be with what a Christian is, in our times, even at his best estate."

Back then these people claimed that faith in Jesus was the only way to salvation.  People did not like that and put them to very humiliating deaths.  Now people within the church dishonor these men and their brave deaths by proclaiming that Jesus is not necessary for salvation.  Have I even been brave enough to be martyred for proclaiming my closed-mindedness?  I have to be because I have the answer and hope in Christ Jesus.  I can't listen to "gurus" who try to look for other ways to have meaning in life.

I close this post with another quotation attributed to Eusebius, "We love the martyrs, but the Son of God we worship: it is impossible for us to worship any other."  There is a fine line between greatly honoring someone and worshiping that person.  If you really do not worship such people, then you need to worship Christ above all else as God and Savior.

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