Monday, June 24, 2013

Medieval Architecture Transition

Before the 13th century, cathedrals held a Romanesque look.  They had round arches and a cruciform shape.

The Medieval era introduced Gothic architecture.  People originally saw it as pagan being mixed in with Christianity.

Just the same, the Gothic cathedral had spires and pointed arches that point toward heaven, and it retained the cruciform layout.  The Gothic art revolution transitioned the Church from simpler art forms to more complex and ornate structures.  This also changed the music from simple unison hymns to elaborate choirs and instruments.  It did bring lovely art to the Christian world.  It did also distract from the true message of Christ and began to leave most of the congregation out of the the interaction.  Instead of lay participation, it was rather spectator.  This caused less involvement in non-clergy and a gradual loss of education in true theology.

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