Thursday, December 10, 2015

3H: Commandment 10 and all the things I covet

Do not covet.  I think this may be the number one source of any co-dependency.  We want something.  We want to trust God to bring it to us in his time.  We still feel like we need to help God.

This is why Sarah and Abraham decided to have Ishmael through another woman.  God promised Abe a son, and Sarah and Abe wanted to trust God, but they were old, still childless, and Sarah thought she should help God by giving Abraham a concubine.  We still suffer from this mistake 4000 years later as Islam is still a bane to us.

But now that I'm done examining my sins and I'm about to move on to the Apostles' Creed which talks about the solution, I think of all the things I want but am having trouble trusting God for it.  And he's taking a long time with it from my perspective.

Let's see: Tim graduates college and will be on a job search.  He has been applying for everything he can, but you know how that goes.

I will be the one with the job but I just had major surgery and am recovering so I can't work right now.  But the good news is I am taking my pain meds less.  I pray for less wooziness and more strength.

My current job is low paying.

The ACA prevents us from moving forward with anything.  Insurance will cost $500 a month and we don't make that much in a month.  Getting a break is nearly impossible without being on hold for hours and then talking to someone who doesn't understand.

But the thing is: I do have a very loving and supportive church.  Despite me not living near it they have done what they could to care for me in this time.  And I feel more optimistic today.

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