Tuesday, December 1, 2015

3H: Ninth Commandment

You shall not bear false witness.

This includes lying.

I think for codependents this could include trying to look good toward the world but not being genuine.

Christmas is a perfect time to do this.  In many minds we have to make the perfect Christmas card, host the perfect party, make all the food, play music and sing for every church production, but all at the same time you are not properly worshiping Jesus or remembering his birth.  Like Martha, you forgot the most important thing and that is to sit at Jesus's feet and listen.

The next perfect time to do this is simply every Sunday at church.  You can be so busy with music, Sunday school, socializing, cooking, etc., that you forget that you simply need to worship the Lord.

So, is business bearing false witness?  No, but it can be included when you try to have it all together but you don't.  And nobody is fooled.  We all know we need to rest and not overcommit.  We need to remember that God takes first priority, then family, and then job.  If you are distracted from God or not spending time with your family, then your priorities are out of order and you need to learn to say "no."

And with all these commandments, it still just boils down to us not worshiping the Lord properly, making them all the first commandment.

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