Monday, May 5, 2014

The Museum and remembering Common Children

When I was growing up, I listened to music from the Common Children.  This band had Marc Byrd who wrote the great song, "God of Wonders."  Before he wrote that, he wrote beautiful songs such as:

He also wrote songs that scared my friends but made sense to me such as:

Throw Me Over or Hate.  It was the first real Christian band I listened to who played for real rock and roll along the lines of Nirvana.  They weren't afraid to be honest with their lyrics, but they still loved Jesus and had hope in him.

Nobody rocks like they did, but often I'll hear ethereal melodies and electric guitar lines that remind me of them.

The Museum reminds me of Common Children.

In fact, now that I've grown up some, I like them better.  You can understand their words.  They sample hymn lyrics in their songs.  Their music soothes.

I didn't hear from them until I got the Positively Easter album that was a Plus Sale and LifeWay.  At first I thought they were Kutless under another name.

I was curious.  It seems that most of them are not in the band anymore.  They take time to be with their wives and children and to provide them with stable lives.  I absolutely love that.  Their desire to be the heads of their families comes before their profit in the music industry.  I'm sure we'll hear more from them throughout the years.

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