Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How not to Argue

Looks like this is going to be a series.  It's good to write this publicly so that I can practice my arguing skills on the internet, the land of no tone.  The best advice would be to not use the internet, but alas, I don't practice what I preach.

Like I said yesterday, I got in trouble for arguing with a stranger on someone else's Facebook page.  I mean, people have argued on my comments plenty of times and I just let them.  But I'm figuring out that's not the best tactic.  Depends on who it is, but it's still not the best tactic.

So hanging my head in shame, I posted two articles on Facebook today.  One about "culture wars" and one about there not being that many gays in America.  A friend who I love but disagree with dissented on both of them.  That's fine.  I'm not shocked and I actually yawned.

Then two guys commented on each one.  I erased one and kept the other.  First, the dissenter friend posted something about homophobes and such liberal mantras that aren't new or bold.  Just conforming to what the media wants you to believe.  The other guy, who I agree with, posted about "homosexuality being an abomination."  Which it is.  And in a perfect world, we could tell people that and they would take the kind advice and listen.  But the biggest argument these days is that people bully other people because they are gay.  I don't want to give the impression that I am bullying gay people even though I am openly against that lifestyle.  But, the correct guy was doing the wrong thing: also using cliches and not really showing any love.  I'm an expert at saying the right things the wrong way so I can call it out.

On the other one, my dissenter friend commented, "Truth is in the eye of the beholder," along with more paragraphs of stale liberal cliches, and a guy who lives in a coffee shop (I miss doing that), started, "I don't know you, but from what I see..."  I kept that because he was polite, respectful and showed in words that he really cares about the guy.

So I probably insulted the previous guy by erasing the comment, but I'm trying to stop him from making the same mistakes that I make all the time.

That being said, I've got two cents to say about the gays.  I see girls week after week who are starved for love and try to find it in sex.  I see young kids starved for love.  The TV says they can find that through that special someone via sex.  Then they go to churches that don't actually preach Christ and the gospel, just some grandfather in the sky who gives his kids whatever.  So they don't know Christ's love, and partially it is our fault because we are by default hypocrites and so much of evangelicalism downplays sin and over emphasizes unconditional love.  They don't have the satisfying love of Christ or a proper church body, so their only meaning in life is to try to be used by either gender and still be empty.  These girls end up pregnant.  These boys end up with diseases.  They both are dissatisfied and have no meaning in life.  I lead the church's children and I care very much that the girls have boyfriends at age 6 or if two girls decide to hold hands (even though it is innocent).  And I can understand the urge for love and affection, but I also know the Lord.  He's real, he's the only truth out there, and his is the only love that matters.  And because of this love, I want to show people deep love without perverting it.  And honestly, all sexual sin started out as good love that God intended, but then Satan perverted it and made it so the only thing you can do is have sex.  No talking or getting to know the person.  No true affection.  Just using people for their bodies.  This is why kids commit suicide, and I will do what I can to fight sexual perversion of all kinds and encourage kids to one, find a legit church, and two, wait until you are married to someone of the opposite gender.  Girls, say no the the boy and possibly get away from him if he pressures you; and boys, respect your girl treating her as a treasure, not as a tissue.


  1. Read the article finally:-) Good points. I do think that we refute and witness in ways that are devoid of true love. We seemingly do it in a ,manner such as, "I know more than you so just shut up and listen". We don't seem to care about their side of the argument. Also, "God said it so believe it" or "I have the truth and I'm going to cram it down your throat". The first isn't necessarily wrong but we don't seem to want to give any real evidence as to why we believe it to be true. More than likely because we don't want to spend the extra time learning things as that. The second we have a smug attitude a "holier than thou" one. We are to think of ourselves as more deplorable than those to whom we witness.

  2. Also do you tell the kids that they shouldn't have g/f and b/f that early of an age.