Monday, June 4, 2012

Resistance is Futile

So my name is Meghan and I have a problem.  I enjoy controversy.  It's like something I can't resist.  If there is something to disagree with, I will make my opinion known, no matter who you are.  Like the scorpion stinging the back of whatever carried him across the water, it's just my nature.

Then again, Jesus saved me to overcome my sinful nature.  He did make me a polemicist.  But I can also take that too far and judge people or get into fights with random strangers on other people's Facebook pages.  I think the day I can get to where that doesn't happen, I'll be fine.

Praise be to God, I do keep my mouth, and sometimes keyboard, shut more often.  Internet is the worst however.  It's where I'm most comfortable talking and it's where there is absolutely no tone of voice.

So how do you readers learn how to control impulses to argue on the internet?

UPDATE: You should see the controversy that ensued on Facebook when I posted this.  And I'm still shocked about who is on what side.

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