Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas songs

I decided to write this for a bit of humor and also because people seriously don't think of what they sing at Christmas b/c they've sung it their whole lives. 

First, has anyone ever noticed how stupid "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" is as a song?  One, we're telling kids to watch out for Santa who rewards kids based on merit.  That is a blasphemy to both Jesus and to the real St. Nicolas.  It already has a whole nation thinking we must be good to receive eternal salvation from God.  If you consider the real Santa Claus, the bishop who lived in Turkey around the same time as Augustine, he would not have given gifts based on merit either.  Those are not gifts.  Santa gave gifts to poorer children b/c he wanted to, the same reason Christ gives salvation to his elect.

This next song has been one of my favorites for years but thanks to Tim Hawkins, has now been ruined for me.  What song?  "Do You Hear What I Hear."  I still like the song and sing along whenever it plays, but have you really thought about the words?  There's seriously little about Jesus.  when they finally talk about him, the King tells the people he will bring us goodness and light.  Really, what does that mean?  And the only king that interacted with the infant Jesus was King Herod who was not happy to hear of his birth and who killed all the 2-year-old boys in Bethlehem in a rage of jealousy.  I suppose, they're thinking of the Magi, who are called kings but who actually weren't kings.  They were just astrologers who came to Jesus, bringing him silver and gold instead of a blanket.  Oh well.

This one really drives me crazy: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."  Relient K, Amy Grant, and Jaci Velazquez all have recorded the song singing "if the fates allow."  The fates?  Seriously?  Just because the world sings it does not mean we have to.  New Song sang "the Lord" instead of the "fates."  Even Francesca Battistelli was considerate and sang "the Lord."  We don't believe in fates.  Granted, I say "Good Luck" way too often, but Christians really need to consider what they are singing.  I think the fates v. the Lord debate has had enough air-time for more people to start being aware of it.

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