Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas thanks

1. I don't have to do anything in church next week.  Yay!

2. I'm thankful for a yard Nativity scene that's accurate.  Not a Magi to be seen, but there are two Josephs.

3. I'm only spending one night at home this week.

4. I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet New Year.

5. I think we should introduce a nativity scene where Mary and Joseph live in a house, Jesus is two, and more than three Magi give him gifts.  I think Creation Museum has tried real hard to do that.

6. Despite inaccurate facts, "We Three Kings" is one of my favorite songs.

7. I got to go to four Christmas parties.  3 of them were 3 days in a row.  I look to one more this week.

8. You know that song by Mariah Carey? "All I Want for Christmas is You"?  I have someone to sing it to this year!

9. Thankful that my boyfriend and I are both involved in our respective churches b/c, hey, I have a boyfriend who is involved in church!  We can't go to church together tonight, but he's involved and so am I.

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