Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pondering the Source of Pathalogical Violence

This post is inspired by this post by the Anarchist Soccer Mom.  I do not agree with it, but I do sympathize with it.  She considers Adam Lanza who shot all the children in CT last Friday and compares him, the shooters of Columbine, and her own son, only 13, who sometimes acts out violently when upset.  These people even threaten suicide.

"No one wants to send a 13-year old genius who loves Harry Potter and his snuggle animal collection to jail. But our society, with its stigma on mental illness and its broken healthcare system, does not provide us with other options. Then another tortured soul shoots up a fast food restaurant. A mall. A kindergarten classroom. And we wring our hands and say, “Something must be done.”"

This woman knows that pathological violence needs to be stopped at an early age, but that some folks have this mental illness where they snap irrationally and threaten to harm people or themselves for something as simple as not being able to wear a certain pair of pants because of dress code.

So, how do I analyze this situation while still supporting my notion that mental disorders are not disorders but just personality differences caused by schools trying to teach all kids as if they were the same.  ADD is not a disorder, it's just a difference neither good nor bad.  Same with OCD, Tourette's, and other such situations.  There is some kind of biological occurrence corresponding to these people, such as lack of seratonin causes people to react according to Bipolar Disorder.  A long time, my Tourette's, when I still had it, was treated by blood pressure medicine even though now I realize that it just comes from me being nervous year after year, a psychosomatic symptom of my self-consciousness.  It turned out my ADD was nothing more than teachers not knowing how to teach and turning school into an ennui experiment. Aspberger's Syndrome is totally a prejudice of people who just have bizarre social skills and obsessions.

However, I would like to find solutions to stem this violent streak in young people while they are still young, leaving jail as a last resort.  Did Adam Lanza, for example, experience tragedy as a young man?  Were his parents divorced, was his dad AWOL, did he have a sibling die and church members saying stupid things to "help"?  I still trace all my mental anxieties to my infant sister's death, my trouble making close friends in elementary school, and Dad often being gone due to medical school, and later residency.  I kind of grew out of them in college but last year they manifested again.  I can never take these solutions for granted.

I don't think I've ever met someone who has a predisposition to get violent.  I do not know the backgrounds of Adam Lanza or Dylan Klebold.  Klebold dabbled in Satanism for a while, which did not help.  Those are real evil powers that really ruin their followers.  Were they betrayed by hypocritical Christians somehow?  Or did they never find ways to channel their anger in creative ways such as piano, drawing, music.  Did mom just let them be raised by their TVs or daycare centers and take no role in being a parent?  From what I can tell the Anarchist Soccer Mom is active in her son's life, but he still reacts with violence.

The main thing, is these mom's of these shooter boys need to be aware of their potential, and they need to get them help.  It is no shame to go to a psychiatrist or counselor.  It is no shame to get them involved in extracurricular activities.  I don't remember hearing any previous school shooters being involved in activities apart from school until they came to high school and dabbled in satanism.  They had no one standing by their side, so when a girlfriend broke up with them, it devastated them to the point of taking a gun on innocent people.  Does anybody know people like this or how they can be treated?  Do they need more supervision, counsel, or other care?  Maybe they just need a different education system that fits their needs and not this processed version in the public schools.


  1. All the sickness you talk about are all real and just because you feel it is not you should not tell people it is not real.

  2. I'm not going to stop figuring this out just because people don't like what I say. Nobody makes revolutions that way. I want people with issues to start being treated as people and not thrown away and given some pill.

  3. Some people need medications. People who don't take their medications loose friends and don't know how to function in the world. Like hold jobs, have friends, stay by their self, hurt people and the list goes on. You can think what you want but until you go to school to become a doctor I think you should not post these things. It sounds like you are in denial about your own disorder.And they can be treated like people if they gain the respect.

  4. I don't have to go to school to be a doctor to know this - God's Word tells us "...there is NONE righteous. No, not one." "ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God."

    We are all born sinners and every one of us, short of God's grace, has the capacity (and the inclination) to do horrible evil.

    I see a lot of bad behavior that is blamed on sickness yet I see nothing in scripture that excuses our sin because of mental illness, circumstances, or bad parenting. We are all personally responsible for our own sickness (which is a sin nature) and the only remedy is Jesus Christ.