Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Geeks in Love

This song came out in either 2005 or 2006.  It came when I was going through many friend transitions in college and had now found friends who I did not have to impress.  In fact, I showed this to Derek and Adam and we sang that too each other often.  We wished that we were Geeks in Love.

6 or 7 years later, after not listening to this song for a while, I decide to play it again.  It has the same effect on me.  It makes me fall in love for absolutely no reason, even now when I have someone to love.  And again, it is after a time when I had friendship transitions.  I am both amazed at how history repeats itself even within a decade.  I went through a confusing time of trying to impress people and found true friends and then realized that no one else matters.  I'm just happy to have real friends.

I also sit and think, do I have similar testimony about Jesus that I have for this song?  Jesus really is the only one who matters.  And thinking, yes I do.  It was 6th grade and I had friends for the first time, and I wanted so hard to stay cool and maybe even impress the new people in my middle school.  Somehow, Jesus became more important to me that year and people noticed.  Some people asked, "Why are you so into Jesus here lately?"  Most just acted like I was some kid.  However, my faith in Jesus has kept me alive even when people were mad at me, I felt alone, I lost friends, or I even messed up.  It shows me that there is no end to anything, just transitions.  And people who don't like it just wish that they were geeks in love.

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