Thursday, May 8, 2014

Compilations: Action Bible Remixed

At first I thought this new compilation CD was another Cedarmont Kids CD.  No, apparently, David C. Cook publishes a graphic novel of the Bible called the Action Bible.

It does look cool.  I remember they would try to do comic retellings of Bible stories as church handouts when I was a kid.  I'm intrigued.

This soundtrack is a mix of praise songs that are good for your kid to listen to and mature enough for mom and dad to listen to in the car.

First Place: "Center of it All" by Desperation Band

It has deep lyrics.  All kids need to know that if they have everything but not God, then they are nothing.

Second Place: "Manifesto" by the City Harmonic

It's a creed that the kids can learn and sing!

Third place: "God's Great Dance Floor" by Martin Smith

It was my first time hearing Martin Smith sing it and not Chris Tomlin.  Martin Smith who wrote it has different lyrics and I like them.  They're different.

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