Sunday, May 18, 2014

MWS and other new albums from last week

I have not blogged much this week.  Not enough time to ruminate. 

Yep, Michael W Smith has a new album and it is really good from what I hear.  It's called "Sovereign" and should echo well with Reformed believers.

A praise and worship group called Fellowship Creative has some good new music.

I think the band that surprised me the most is Seventh Day Slumber.  I have an old album of theirs, and with that I could probably slumber for seven days.  It's rather boring.  But they have a new album called "We Are the Broken."  That title song is great.  It truly rocks and sounds different from their other songs.  Unfortunately, their other songs from the album are not available to listen to on You Tube.  I can't tell if I would like the album from just one song.  Is the title song really good but the rest of the album a disappointment?  Or is it all amazing like their new song?  Either way, I might try to find that one album I have and listen to it to see if it is as disappointing as it was when I got it.

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  1. Us Wesleyans believe in the complete Sovereignty of God too. It's not just for Reformed folks.