Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The House of Wine

Now that she's being laid rest today, I'll mention Amy Winehouse's death.  I never really listened to her.  I've only heard her song "Rehab" and new she was a talented lady who didn't sound like she looked.  I really didn't care about her at all and yet I am saddened by her death.

For one thing, she more than likely had not made her peace with the Lord and now has to spend eternity in hell.  This was a lady who loved fame, drugs, sex, drugs, alcohol, and drugs, more than the Lord.  She worshipped drugs.  She paid money for them, people wanted to help her with them, and eventually gave her life for them.  Mark Driscoll is absolutely right when he says that people don't have problems with sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.  They have worship problems. 

Amazingly, Winehouse was just the embodiment of post-Christian British culture.  They threw God out of their lives but now have less complete lives, so they have to fill it with booze, crack, and free love.  But this never satisfies so they turn to more booze, crack, and free love.  (To Amy's credit, she was married until about a year or so ago, but it still was probably a marriage based on sex and convenience, not love).  If they would repent of their sins and turn to the Lord, then they would more than satisfied.  They'd have the living water and never thirst again. 

And stupid, stupid, stupid Russell Brand thinks we should be more understanding of addicts.  No, we need to get them far away from their addictions and replace them with the Lord.  Clearly, Winehouse's addiction lead to hear early demise.  We don't need to understand them, we need to steer them away from their habits. 

And finally, Amy Winehouse was only 27.  I'm 26.  I have a year before I'm 27.  This seems younger and younger.  I had no idea she was that young because she had aged herself from destructive habits.  And if God had not saved me and given me good parents, I'd be in the same predicament.  You would be too.  If you are still, please realize that life is unpredictable and can end any second.  Don't waste your time.  Come to the Lord and see how he is better than any boyfriend, girlfriend, beer, pill, wine, video game, image, or anything this world can offer.  He's more exciting and satisfying.  Give your life to him.  Read his words in the Bible.  Believe the Bible from the first verse.  Know that you don't have to fix yourself or work for his affection.  Let his affection work in you.

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