Friday, July 15, 2011

How Not to Vent Your Anger

I've seen some good posts this week about people writing TMI on their blogs.  One is Christian, by Kevin DeYoung and one may or may not be Christian, by Jen Yates of Cake Wrecks fame.  It's understandable.  I've done it.  In fact, I do it quite often on Facebook statuses.  Still, as a representative of Christ, I have to remember, that children look up to me, teenagers look up to me, and I need to remember to pray before I post.  It will always be too late to delete said post.

This topic comes to mind because I have many Christian friends that I stalk read on the news feed.  Or, at least they say they are Christian, and for the most part, I believe them, but like all Christians, they get their feet in their mouths. 

I'm about to go into an anecdote now.  If you read this and you know who it's about, sorry, but I'm going into an anecdote.  This past Good Friday, a friend went through a horrible weekend.  I know this friend is a good Calvinist who should be aware that we live in a fallen world and that despite bad things, God has a plan around it all.  Well, all this good Calvinism knowledge went out the window that weekend.  Her post said, "I hate God.  I wish I had given the last whip lash that killed Jesus..." and followed by expletives and how she doesn't want friends to comment on her cussing and to let her be her.

Okay, I understand, there are times when God makes no sense, you get disappointed, that big thing you were expecting totally turns around and bites your head off,  and you have to ask God why.  Sometimes, it's even okay to tell God you are mad at the moment (although you should always remember it's your fault, not his) and even that you are having doubts.  However, do not post your rantings on facebook!  Wait a day maybe, for your feelings to cool down.  Perhaps write them down on MS-Word and then the next day, erase any expletives, apologize to God, pray, and then post it. 

Another anecdote.  There's a teenager from my home church.  She's a teenager, so she goes through angst over friends, boyfriends, PMS, stress, you name it.  I'm in my late 20s and I still go through that.  I understand.  Still, when you post things like, "I don't give a f---," or other phrases that show your lack of intelligent vocabulary, you have to remember, non-believers are watching.  They are not impressed.  They'll go off and say, "See, God isn't real because her life certainly is no different than mine."  In fact, I know plenty of non-believers who are perfectly tactful in their letting us know they have had a bad day. 

Bottom line: you have to show the world that Christ is real and that he really has changed you and that your relationship with him isn't fair-weathered.  You gotta love him in good times and bad.  And you have to honor him with your words, especially in a format where the whole world can see and judge you.

Now, that list again.  If you ever need to vent:
1. Write your thoughts in a journal or MS-Word to get it out of your system.
2. Wait a day or two.  Maybe even till next week if it's that time, girls.
3. Erase any expletives or sentences that dishonor God.
4. Also, erase anything that exposes too much personal info.
5. Pray before you post.
6. Matthew 12:36-- But I tell you that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.

And finally, watch this video by Todd Friel:

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