Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2 Clement: He would not have written this

It has Clement’s name on it, but nobody thinks he wrote it.  After reading it, I quite agree.

1. “And we ought not to think mean things of our Salvation: for when we think mean things of Him, we expect also to receive mean things. And they that listen as concerning mean things do wrong; and we ourselves do wrong, not knowing whence and by whom and unto what place we were called, and how many things Jesus Christ endured to suffer for our sakes.”

2. The barren woman should rejoice in the hope of children, the poor in status, the lost in Christ Jesus who came not for the righteous but for sinners.

4. “Let us therefore not only call Him Lord, for this will not save us:for He saith, Not every one that saith unto Me, Lord, shall be saved, but he that doeth righteousness.”

5. Do not be afraid of the world even though you will be like sheep among wolves.

6. Line of trouble: “Or who shall be our advocate, unless we be found having holy and righteous works?”  This is why Clement would not have written this.  He knew Paul.  He knew about salvation by grace alone, how Jesus is our defense attorney, our advocate.  That position has nothing to do with us being found holy and righteous in works because they all mean nothing.  Our only holiness and righteousness comes from God, and only then can are works be remotely good.

7. Contending for a crown.  If your crown is not Christ himself, then you are not going to heaven.  He must be your delight and your whole life.  This is so Pelagian.

9. I guess I do agree with this chapter.  Jesus came to save both body and soul, to renew them when he comes again, and we must care for our flesh.  However, we need to dedicate it to Christ, surrendering it, not trying to do our own thing in guarding it.

12. So, Christ will come back when we all unite.  He’s not going to unite us on our own.  Umm, I think I found another Rob Bell spirit.

13. If we do bad works, then the Gentiles will blaspheme.  Which is true, but also account that we will struggle with sin our whole lives and must submit to Christ and give him glory, not draw attention to ourselves.

15. Praising of continence/virginity

16. Exhortation to almsgiving

18. “Clement” calls himself a great sinner who is diligent for righteousness.  Sometimes I wonder if this is a bad translation.  He pleads for his readers to live in such a way that they retain their salvation, yet he himself can’t even do this.  There is no hope in a belief like this where nothing you do impresses God.  We are already not worthy of salvation due to sinning one time.  No compensation will suffice for our holy God.  We can only take the offer he has given and praise him for sending Jesus who lived a perfect life for us and offered the perfect sacrifice that lasts for all time.

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