Monday, September 19, 2011


It's always good when my dad guest preaches at Trinity because he doesn't preach longer than 15 minutes.  It's the way sermons should be.  Of course, I never heard sermons live anymore, but it's still good.

My same two girls, Alexis and Emily were there.  This time, I read the story of Jacob stealing Esau's birthright.  I would read a word like Jostle, and they would pretend to wrestle.  Then I had them say the quotes from Rebekah, God, Jacob, and Esau.  I'm amazed at how they are still paying attention.

After that, we had discussion questions.  Was Esau's birthright something to trade in for one meal?  No. 
Looks like Esau will do anything to get what he wants when he wants it.  Looks like Jacob knows that.  Was it right for Jacob to play into Esau’s weakness?  Neither brother did what was right in this episode.  They used lying, trickery, impulse to get what they wanted.  They followed their inner sinner, aka sin nature.

Then, I went over the inner sinner qualities of Galatians 5 followed by the Fruits of the Spirit. I explained how this is not nine fruits, but one big fruit.  Then I had them draw each quality as if it was a fruit.  The first three were easy.  Love=heart.  Joy=smiley face.  Peace = peace sign.  The next six were not so easy to draw.  I decided to draw a watch for patience.  Then I just drew stick figures for the rest, like for kindness, someone hands someone a dollar.  Faithfulness, I drew two people hugging each other and staying together.  The others did pretty well.  Then I handed out fruit snacks and church was over. 

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