Sunday, September 25, 2011

Giving thanks

More melancholy post, but it will by happy and I hopefully won't be ashamed to have friends stumble upon it should they Google my name.

Very thankful for the life of Charlie Moore.  I will say one last goodbye to him tomorrow.  He is the reason I have kids every week at church and not just every other week.  I hope I can rehabilitate 8-year-old Madison in to having a healthy grief, and perhaps even get her mom to church.

Very thankful that I know Amy Gray.  She's going to Africa for 9 months.  There was a huge goodbye party at her house.  Just turning onto her street you could see how loved she is.  There were cars up and down the street.

Thankful for Caitlin.  I spent four hours at her house yesterday.  I still find it bizarre.  She's Catholic, and I'm Calvinist.  The only way our beliefs could be more different is if I was a Baptist.  and I'm still impressed that we can discuss theology without getting into a huge debate, which we did almost the whole time.  I almost feel like she could be my twin if she wasn't a year and a half younger than me.  So thank you Caitlin.  If you ever see this blog, and I discuss Catholic theology on it, I'm both sorry and not sorry in advance.

I'm thankful that I'm in school again.  I just got my college and seminary loans deferred.  Maybe by the time I'm done at Clayton I can afford something.

I'm thankful I'm going to a psychologist.  He's a wonderful man who plays Christian music in his waiting room, and I can tell he's a Christian by the discounts he tries to give me.  Also, I'm a much better person on this new medicine, though I'm still trying to get my sleep schedule back in line.

I'm very thankful that he decided I just have Asperger's.  Just ADHD.  He informed me that there really is no such thing as ADD, but I'm not acknowledging the H. 

Thankful for Mary who not only takes care of my brother, but also give me social pointers. 

Thankful that I'm finally cleaning and enjoying it.  I'm finding so many things and actually playing piano again!

Seriously happy at the moment.  My main prayer requests this week are Madison and Mary and, just remembering when to bite my tongue.

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  1. I'm so sorry about the loss of your friend, Meghan. May the Lord comfort his family and you.