Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Three Men

Last night I called the people who led the children for me the past two weeks.  Jamie Frey really loved me material.  Her only regret was that one of the kids drew on the board with permanent marker.  Oops.  That's fine.  I saw the drawing.  It's some sort of pumpkin.  I tried to get it off with rubbing alcohol, but it's still there. I think Sunday, I might try nail polish remover.  I've heard of that working, too.  If anything, I can have the pumpkin saying something funny when the kids walk in. 

Shannon Herndon taught his own daughter for Sunday School.  He liked my material and loved the David Murray videos.  He ended up doing last week and this week's lesson and showed the two videos.  I was glad of that.  That means I can do more stuff on time.  But what makes me sad, is I didn't get to watch them with her.  So today in the classroom, I watched "Three Men" and "Give Me Your Son," answered the questions in the study guide, and will post them here.

Three Men

Read Genesis 18
If you had to divide this chapter up into sections, how would you divide it?  Why?
3 men came. 2 men left. 1 Lord talks to Abraham.

How does Genesis refer to Abraham's visitors throughout the chapter?  Compare chapter 19.  What do you think is the significance of this?
In chapter 18, the three men are called the Lord.  In 19, they are two angels.  Jesus didn't go with them to Sodom.  He stayed behind and talked to Abraham.

How can you make your home a Hebrews 13:2 home?  What can you learn from Abraham's example in Genesis 18?
Abraham's situation was a bit different.  He lived in the country where there was no home for hours.  He didn't live in downtown Sodom like I do.  I can't imagine myself inviting strangers into my house in suburban Atlanta.  This rather convicts me but I'm also a woman and need to protect myself.  But I do need to be willing to let people into my life, do good to them, take care of their needs, and who knows, maybe I'll be entertaining angels in my underwears, I mean unawares.  How would you do this?

After renewing the gospel promises to his people, the Lord turns to judgment of the wicked.  In our witness, what should be the proportion of gospel promise and divine judgment? 
They are the same coin.  Most people will experience judgment unless they repent and accept God's gospel in Christ's blood.

The Lord could have renewed the promise with a voice from heaven as well.  Why did he choose to come down to earth to do these things? 
It's his earth that he made.  Also, he longs to be with us so he can redeem us, not judge us.

What words would you use to describe Abraham's prayer?

Sarah laughed at God's promises.  Have you ever done this?  What are some ways we might figuratively laught at God's promises?
I often make jokes about Jesus's return.  Usually if somebody it slow, I'll say they'll finally get around to what they need to do when Christ comes back.  He'll get is driver's license when Christ returns.  I'm trying to do that less because he really is coming back and it could be at any moment.

Abraham was called the friend of God (James 2:23).  What verses in this chapter show that friendship?  How have you experienced and how can you cultivate God's friendship?
His ability to annoy God.  God listens to him patiently.  I need to get to where I can be comfortable enough with God that I can annoy him with persistent prayer if he could be annoyed.  I need to never cease praying, reading the Bible, going to church, and reaching out to the community.

Then, Murray has a quote from Tertullian that I'm not posting. 
Tertullian was the first Christian writer to use the Latin term "Trinity" for the three persons of the Godhead.  He was also the first to expound Trinitarian theology.  How Trinitarian is your Christian knowledge and experience?
It's the core of everything I believe.  Jesus could not have been the perfect substitute for my sins and died on the cross to save me from the punishment that I deserve had he not been God.  He would not have risen from the dead if he was not God.  He created the world according to Colossians.  I would not be alive or a Christian now if the God didn't live in my through the Holy Spirit.

Tertullian believed that it was the Son of God who judged the world with a flood, demolished the tower of Babel, and rained fire on Sodom and Gomorrah.  In what way does this change your view of "the God of the Old Testament?"
Jesus has teeth.  He's not just a crucified doormat.  He will judge sin and God is so loving that he will save his elect from eternal damnation.

Belief in the Son's active presence throughout the Old Testament has been common throughout church history.  Why do you think not many people think in this way today?
They think the OT God is harsh.  A separate God.  They don't realize that God's wrath is love.

Give Me Your Son
Read Genesis 22
Why did God ask Abrham to sacrifice his son?
He was showing what he will do with Jesus.

See if you can find all the sacrifices in Genesis up to this point.  What does this teach you about sacrifices?  What does this teach you about God?
God killed an animal to clothe Adam and Eve so they could approach him.  Adam taught Cain and Abel the need for a blood sacrifice to come to God.  Cain didn't bring blood so God would not accept him.  Noah sacrifices animals when he's off the Ark.  Abraham sacrifices everywhere he lands in Canaan.  God should have killed us when Adam and Eve sinned.  It's the only way we could appease his wrath.  But he was merciful and would accept subsitutionary blood.  There is no access to God without a blood sacrifice.

Favorite video quote: It's like Jesus couldn't wait to live among his people.

What are the benefits and fruits of tried faith?
Complete revelation from God.

What situations have you been in when faith took over from reason?  Is this good?
When Mom died, I had to trust God even though life would be harder.  I have to trust him as I still try to find a job.  It is good but I don't always like it.

What illustrations would you use to explain substitution to an unbeliever?
I would use Genesis 22.  But I'd start with creation, God's perfect world, then the tree, then Eve eating from the tree, and that is why all people are born separated from God.  We cannot approach him unless we die.  But if we die we can't come back to life so we need a subsitute.  Jesus is that substitute.  You can only go to heaven on Jesus's sacrifice.  If you don't accept that, you will still perish in your sin.  Look at this story of Isaac where he almost perished for his sin, but then God gave a ram instead.

I'm going to stop here.  Feel free to answer these questions, too.

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